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Everything You Wanted to Know about Free WSOP Chips

Author: Catherine Lysenko
20 November 2020, 09:58
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The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is one of the key events in the poker industry. Its grand scale, stellar participants, exciting episodes, and intensity of players’ emotions make journalists highlight every important moment of tournaments in the global casino news.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Free WSOP Chips

Participation in the WSOP competitions is undoubtedly a dream of any professional (and even recreational) poker player. Of course, it isn’t this easy to participate in the tournaments. However, the World Series of Poker isn’t only the leading poker event but also a brand under which its owners release interesting products for players.

WSOP Social Poker is one of such projects. It is a poker website where players with different levels of experience in the game can practice their playing skills. What is more important, all matches on this platform are free and users don’t need to spend money on gambling. It means that they get a unique opportunity to play their favorite game and achieve new levels without any financial risks.

The application is available for both mobile platforms and a personal computer. Users can download the WSOP Social Poker app from their usual application stores. It will be equally interesting for real poker pros and novices who just have started to play. Top-level tournaments with big buy-ins will attract professional players, and newcomers to the poker world will find many opportunities for improving their techniques. The app offers a wide range of poker games aimed at various players’ preferences.

What is a WSOP free chip?

Probably, you have a question: how does everything work on this platform then? So, free chips are the core of the game. Players use only them while competing with each other. In other words, chips play the role of money in all games of WSOP Social Poker.

It means that when you fail to win the game and your opponent wins you don’t lose real money and only lose chips. Of course, failures can’t be pleasant anyway but giving your chips to the winner isn’t so disappointing as giving real money. Unlike many other online poker sites, users feel more freedom in this app because they take fewer risks.

Free WSOP Chips

How to get free chips on WSOP?

The main question is how to get these chips for free. There are several methods on how to do it. Let’s consider them in more detail.

  1. Registration in the application. The first and the easiest way of getting no-cost chips is to sign up in the app. Every new user receives approximately 250 000 chips. This amount will be enough for you to start playing poker.
  2. As the WSOP app is social and focused on creating a poker community, it is integrated into social media networks. That is why free chips are also given to users who connect their Facebook page with the account. By doing so, you can get another portion of chips – fifteen thousand. Moreover, when you add your Facebook account to the WSOP Social Poker application, you can compete with your friends and interact with them in the game. If you have common interests and poker unites you, why not enjoy it together?
  3. Follow the WSOP Social Poker page on Facebook to be the first to find out about the upcoming promotions.
  4. Invite your friends on Facebook to the game, play more, and improve your level in the club hierarchy. It will lead to your membership in more prestigious clubs and, as a result, more chips.

Besides, here you can find the list of the best platforms for online poker play with friends.

  1. The app provides users with no-cost chips every day. The number of chips depends on the club to which a player belongs. The most desirable sum – one million – is available to the “Grand Masters” club participants. “Masters” can get up to 500 000 free chips, “Jacks” – up to 54 000, “Queens” – up to 68 000, “Kings” – up to 96 000, “Aces” – up to 200 000. Chips will be accrued to customers’ accounts every four hours.
  2. Search and use special codes for being rewarded with even more chips. Bonus codes are usually provided on websites. However, they are valid only within a short period that is why it is important to be among the first players who apply it. Monitor the most popular websites that contain information about WSOP Social Poker to know about the updates. By using the code, users can get up to 300 000 free chips.
  3. Complete missions. The WSOP application allows users to earn more chips by participating in its missions and completing them successfully. All you need is to take part in poker matches and do certain tasks.

free chips on wsop

WSOP free poker chips secrets no one will tell you about

There are several tips on how to get no-cost chips, which aren’t very known even to those players who have already created an account in the application.

One of them is the opportunity to receive chips as a gift from other players. However, it is important to mention that the number of chips depends on your club under all circumstances. Regardless of the number of chips that your friend is giving you, if you are, for example, in the “Jacks” club, you won’t be able to use more than 10 800 chips.

Also, don’t forget to take part in the challenge called Poker Recall. Just gather special cards, which will create a deck at the final stage. You will need to choose five cards from this deck. Basing on the value of the opened cards, you will receive no-cost chips.

As has been already mentioned, don’t forget to check all possible sources of information about WSOP Social Poker, including social media and other websites related to the topic. Very often, some poker platforms offer bonus codes that provide access to 1 million chips.

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Frequently asked questions

How to get free WSOP chips?

Register in the app and connect your Facebook account.

How to get free chips on the WSOP poker game?

Complete missions during poker games or apply bonus codes.


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