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Everything You Need to Know about Oddspedia

Author: Gambling Man
25 November 2020, 11:35
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Oddspedia is one of the leading European iGaming affiliates. The company works with a solid portfolio of worldwide leaders in sports, casino, and poker.

Everything You Need to Know about Oddspedia

The flagship website follows the company’s mission to provide the most user-friendly, beautiful, and value-added information websites about gambling online. The new Oddspedia redesign reaffirms that statement by standing out from the crowd and offering better service to its players.

Oddspedia, a website known for being one of the most comprehensive odds comparison portals online, has released a new version with a refined look and feel. Now, Oddpsedia is an all-in-one portal that can serve the needs of everyone interested in sports, casual fans, and hardcore bettors alike.

Also, the company develops dozens of other websites specializing in sports betting and online casinos, with the goal being to create sites that are user-friendly, up to date, and, most importantly, valuable to players worldwide.

It does its best to work in conjunction with all serious bookmakers on their own player retention strategy to ensure that the message it is sending is consistent with their own marketing.

The website aims to provide as much value to the user as possible, and the information is conveyed in a manner to ensure a great user experience. It starts with guaranteeing a reliable odds comparison – odds on Oddspedia are being scanned in real-time across more than eighty bookmakers to ensure that only the most up-to-date data is displayed. This is complemented by features not commonly found in competing websites, such as geolocation, to show only relevant betting sites for the user, direct links to bookmakers’ betslips, full odds movement history, and various betting tools. It is what makes Oddspedia one of the best sites for odds comparison.


But as a matter of fact, Oddspedia offers a lot more than that. The website has amazing sports coverage as well, providing livescore information on more than 30 sports. Users can also explore sports statistics, bonuses, and promotions, or read the latest news on their favorite leagues, teams, and matches. All of this wrapped in an app-like web experience, with quick performance and a state-of-art modern design makes it easy for Oddspedia to stand out from its competitors.

The iGaming sector moves extremely quickly. The company is constantly and actively getting informed about any sort of innovation in the sector. Especially when it comes to data processing, management, and analysis.


It is striving to be innovative in everything it does. As such, here are some of the innovations it has brought to its platforms:

Its UI/UX design is very sleek, modern, and functional. It compares 27 main betting markets from 70 bookmakers on 32 sports. This includes both pre-match and in-play betting in real-time!

A unique geotargeting system showing the correct bookmakers for each locale was only the first step for the company, now it offers deep content geotargeting as well. It reorders sports, leagues, and matches in its system to provide users with the most popular and interesting information based on their location.

News selection by topic – it provides not only a general news page or sports news, but specific news for each league and match as well.

Quality and scale of traffic is an international project, with visitors from 211 countries! Its traffic is particularly targeted at sports fans and bettors, and that is why it is very attractive for its partners (the betting operators from around the world) as well.

It offers 5 different language versions but has also fully adapted them to local customers. For instance, German customers can see betting odds with or without betting tax in one click, which is applicable to the German market.


It has millions of visitors across its projects, and this number is constantly growing. Users that are coming from search engines convert into regular customers because of the quality of the product. It sees a very healthy balance behind direct social media engagement and search engine traffic. The company’s expectations are to double its traffic in the next year.

It is clear that there is still more to expect from the world of sports betting in the coming year, and technology seems to be the driving force behind most of the emerging trends. Therefore, gamblers should always keep an eye on the emerging trends to help improve their betting experience. Oddspedia is here to help and inform them.

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