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European Gambling Operators Are Facing New Strict Requirements

Author: Gambling Man
3 April 2020, 10:20
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The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has published a new guide on promoting gambling products during the coronavirus pandemic. The situation has been commented on by industry representatives – experts.

European Gambling Operators Are Facing New Strict Requirements

The organization took a rather radical position concerning operators referring to the pandemics of the coronavirus in marketing videos. To prevent the use of this occasion as a way to attract a new audience, the association has developed guidelines to guarantee adherence to the principles of responsible gambling.

According to the representatives of 1Ante, who share detailed information on this subject, operators should not mention coronavirus in commercials, use statements of the World Health Organization (WHO) and any other authoritative opinions on this issue.

The experts of also warn that operators should not present gambling as a solution to social, personal or financial problems in a difficult economic situation. Besides, operators should not encourage users to join gambling activities to break the boredom.

The EGBA adds that advertising messages, as well as online platforms, should contain information on age restrictions, problem gambling, the risks associated with gambling, the self-exclusion registry, as well as on responsible gambling tools, for instance, deposit limits and self-restriction programs.

In addition, operators were encouraged to vigilantly monitor customer activity to detect the first signs of problem gambling. As necessary, the administration of gambling platforms can intervene in such situations and restrict access for problem clients. Follow our enthralling gambling news to stay updated on this subject.

Local organizations have already supported EGBA in their efforts to secure the customers of gambling operators.

Earlier, the chairman of the British Gambling Commission, Neil McArthur, called on online gambling operators to strengthen customer protection, as well as vigilantly observe the principles of responsible gambling in marketing. In parallel, the Betting and Gambling Council, a specialized standardization body, unveiled an action plan to ensure the safety of users.

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