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Esports Bets: the Best Online Games for Betting

Author: Rode Arteaga
28 December 2019, 10:18
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The eSports audience amounts to millions of people across the globe, which has resulted in the inclusion of eSports events into bookmakers’ betting offers. Moreover, the number of such bookies is constantly growing due to the popularity of eSports betting.

Esports Bets: the Best Online Games for Betting

Here is the list of the top eSports games and tournaments, as well as some tips on how to bet on eSports.

Top 7 games for eSport betting

Obviously, this section includes the best games regarding the dynamic plot, gameplay unpredictability, high-quality mechanics and graphics according to players around the world.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ranks first in our list of the top eSports games for betting. This first-person futuristic and dynamic shooter is also available for PC. With the start of the game, teams, one of which stands for terrorists and the other one for counter-terrorists, are formed into pairs for a match. Their task is to eliminate the rival group. A round ends when one team liquidates another one or finishes its goal.

ESports bets on CS:GO require a bettor to have a good understanding of the teams’ capabilities and the players’ skills. The key decision could be the choice of a team whose positions seem more fragile than those of other teams. Do you want to try other popular games? Then cool game Outlast 3 might seem interesting to you.

League of Legends

Number two on the list of favorite eSports betting games is League of Legends. Here, as in CS:GO, players are formed into teams. Summoner's Rift is the basic model for bettors to place their bets. Each team includes champions who are developing their magical and combat abilities during the gaming process. The goal of the game is to smash the enemies and destroy their main building, the Nexus.

League of Legends is one of the most popular eSports games for betting since due to a set of unique characters it is distinguished by a variety of booking lines. In addition, this game is very interesting and certainly riskier due to the intensity of LoL tournaments. Thus, try to participate in diverse tournaments while waiting for the real prototype 3 release date.

Dota 2

Dota 2 betting

Third place goes to a multiplayer shooter DotA 2, where two teams of five players each must defend their territory from enemy raids. The one that will destroy the main base of the enemy first – wins. Today, almost all bookmakers offer eSports bets on Dota 2, because the game has been on the market since 2009. In addition, Dota tournaments winners receive the biggest cash prizes among all competitions.

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a multiplayer real-time online game in the genre of arcade tank simulator based on the World War II tank battles. The game was developed by a Belarusian company World of Tanks is positioned as an action with elements of a role-playing game, shooter and strategy. The number of its players has been growing in proportion to the number of people who bet on this game. According to the World of Tanks’ plot, you need to destroy the enemy tanks. Moreover, a player can capture the flags and positions of the enemy, which may also be subject to betting.


This card fantasy game ranks fifth among the most popular games for betting. Hearthstone has one-to-one sessions, where each player chooses a character and a deck that improves this particular character. The goal of the game is to reduce the enemy’s health to zero. Tips for eSports bets: in tournaments, players often build four regular decks, block one of the opponents, and then continue the game until one of the players loses his deck.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

The sixth position belongs to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This is a very dynamic game, where about 100 opponents fight until only one is left. This last player or team survivor wins the round. The game has five modes: two modes of solo play, two – for pair play, and the last one is a team mode.

Starcraft II

Starcraft II bet

Starcraft II is the last game in our top list. For those who remember the 1998 version of the game, the beauty of Starcraft II is obvious: viewers and players have received a more intense strategy in the fantasy genre. At the heart of the competition, there are three groups: terrans, zerg and protoss, who must destroy their opponents’ units.

The sequel of Starcraft was identified by critics and professional players as a tough game, where it is very difficult to achieve a high level of skill, let alone become a participant of the world tournament. As for eSports bets, handicap (points difference) is the most popular bet type for this game. Are you also fond of sequels? Then familiarize yourself with all rules in Portal 3.

Best tournaments for eSport betting

The eSports competition community was formed in order to create a unique competition among players of all ages. Leagues are formed with the aim of identifying the best players who sometimes have been striving for years to achieve such a level of professionalism. Groups of supervising experts are formed from the associations of the most talented players, and some of the eSports tournaments have huge prize pools (amounted to millions of dollars).

Interesting Fact

The International 2017 Dota 2 tournament has had the largest prize pool in the history of eSports – $24.7 million

The most popular eSports tournaments are World Championship Series (BlizzCon) for Starcraft; Dreamhack (the world's largest eSports festival, includes the most popular games); Electronic Sports League; Electronic Sports World Cup, European Gaming League (competition for the UK and Europe), European Gaming League (the biggest US competition in the shooter genre); Intel Extreme Masters (world tournament), Global Starcraft II League, International e-Sports Federation (world championships for official teams only), League of Legends World Championship, SMITE World Championship (flagship tournament with a million prize pool). You can bet on the results of any of these tournaments on the sites of almost all bookmakers. Besides, follow our eSport news in Europe and US in order to stay informed on this subject.

Types of eSport bets

eSport Bets

Today, bookmakers offer several eSports betting modes: offline (odds are stable) or live betting (odds are volatile).

Each sport has several betting lines, and eSports is not an exception. Although it differs in subject matter, the basic mechanical principles here remain generally accepted. 

For most eSports competitions, there are betting lines on the winner of the tournament, or on the winner of the match. You can bet on the selected team using a fixed money line, or choosing a handicap.

The main disadvantage of betting on the tournament winner is that you do not get profit from such competitions right away since it usually lasts for some time (days, weeks).

A handicap bet is a more risky and certainly more interesting type of bets. The amount of winnings here depends on the success of the favorite chosen by the bettor. However, experts do not recommend using this betting type if the game does not have a clear favorite. You can also bet on the score in favor of a particular team.

Esport betting: how to do this correctly

Esports bets are in many ways very similar to bets on traditional sports. There are also teams that are very popular, or which are favorites in certain matches or tournaments. However, it is worth remembering that eSports competitions are less predictable and therefore riskier than traditional sports, so we recommend reading additional information from experts.

If we talk about foreign bookmakers, then Pinnacle is considered a proven one (it has an official representative office in Russia). You can bet via its website not only on the games from our top list but also on other less popular shooters and strategies. There is also an EGB site intended specifically for eSports bets. Here you can bet on tournaments and competitions in a live format, make express bets, as well as view betting odds charts.

Many Russian bookmakers are less experienced in this field, which makes them more profitable for bettors (due to high betting odds for eSports). For example, Tennisi is one of the youngest bookies in Russia that has already earned a good reputation among its customers.

make eSport bets

How to deposit in order to make eSport bets?

It should be noted that eSports betting is very similar to traditional sports betting on the Internet. It is possible to fund your account as well as cash out from your account utilizing all major financial instruments. The most popular methods of depositing are VISA and MasterCard. Players often use these methods since they are quite easy and provide built-in security.

Is it possible to utilize Bitcoin to wager on esports? At present, not all the major virtual bookmakers that take bets on esports work with BTC. However, some smaller virtual sportsbooks specialize in eSports betting and allow BTC deposits and cashouts.

Other common methods for making deposits are:

  • Wire transfers from a checking account;
  • Virtual wallets, for instance, Neteller and Skrill;
  • Cash deposits at a land-based satellite location;
  • ACH transfers;
  • Money transfer services.

Esport bets: how to predict results

First, you need to avoid bets on favorites, especially in BO1 matches. In addition, it is better to refrain from betting on unknown or newbie teams. Another important thing is to track the success of teams and monitor changes in their roster of achievements before making a bet.

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