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Epic Formulas to Playing Games for Money: The Best 2020 Tips

Author: Catherine Lysenko
27 August 2020, 17:42
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Making money in the modern digital world is as simple as ABC if you have guidelines on how to do it. According to the latest data taken from news articles about esports, more and more people monetize their gaming skills. Let’s consider the best ways how to make the profit using your hobby – playing games.

Epic Formulas to Playing Games for Money: The Best 2020 Tips

As recent researches show, approximately 150 million US citizens play video games and try to imagine how many people play them across the globe. Of course, the majority of us think about games as a useless occupation that takes much time or just a type of entertainment. However, we don’t know about the main thing: gamers can earn thousands of dollars every month.

Earning money by playing games: is it possible? The answer is yes! Get free tips here

The answer to this question is yes! It is possible to make your hobby profitable. Moreover, many game developers are ready to cooperate with such people and pay them money. Regardless of the type of game, you prefer to play, console, or computer, you will always be able to find lucrative offers that will replenish your bank account with money.

If you search the web, you will see many articles describing real people’s cases. Not so long ago, a usual gamer from California told the readers of one well-known online magazine about how he decided to benefit from playing video games and his income now.

This story shocked readers as all these methods seemed impossible to them. However, the example of this young man has proved that making money by playing video games isn’t a fairytale. Jim Sanders said that he had started to play games at the age of eight. Later, when he was a student, this hobby prevented him from studying, and he decided to forget about it for some time.

When he graduated from the university, the desire to return to a favorite occupation prevailed, and he began to develop his skills. He couldn’t find a job and didn’t think about games as a source of income. Jim was almost in despair when he stumbled upon an interesting article about the most effective ways to make a living by playing video games.

Besides, you can get the list of all methods and websites, which Jim has used. To get it, click the button below.


As you can see, the modern world of digital solutions is full of opportunities. Things that seemed unreal some time ago turned out to be easy ways how to earn money. The most popular methods to benefit from gaming are to play games for money or test them.

playing games for money

How to make money by playing video games and testing them?

Before a new game appears in the market, and after its creation, it needs testing. For example, the developer launches Prototype 3, but it has a lot of drawbacks due to the absence of tests. As a result, the game fans feel the disappointment and leave millions of negative comments on various forums. The number of sales decreases and the game doesn’t pay off.

To avoid such situations, developers and publishers hire people who are good at gaming and can test their products. It sounds like the job of a dream: you can play games for a whole day and get money for this.

If you can’t believe in the possibility of such employment, check the following websites:

  • Monster;
  • Nintendo;
  • UpWork.

Stunning examples of websites for playing games to make money

Getting cash from playing games is real when you know where to search for such an opportunity. We have the list of the best websites that guarantee payments. It may sound too perfect to be true, but all sites in this list have proved to be reliable. The conditions are so simple that players of different levels can get profit.

And clicking on the button you can get a free list of top five best websites to get real money fast.


They will help you to increase your income, even if you consider it as a part-time job. There are many stories across the web that tell us about people who have earned thousands of dollars playing games. The majority of them use these websites because they are ready to pay big sums of money for playing.

Slot machines as a source of income

It isn’t a secret that virtual casinos and their games set records in terms of popularity. Many people are fond of slot machines because these games have casino spirit and can be profitable sometimes. Moreover, modern slots usually have excellent graphics and plots based on interesting stories. Of course, not all slot games allow players to earn money, but some of them do. Here you can find the best slots where you can win big.

earning money for playing games

Book of Aztec. If you love adventures and want to get back to the ancient times, this slot machine is for you. Users will be out of touch with reality because the game is super interesting. In addition to this, the 5-reel casino product allows players to enjoy huge winnings.

Midas Golden Touch. This slot will bring you to the world of Greek mythology. Its excellent HD quality creates the feeling of a unique space where you get an opportunity to receive as much gold as you want. The game provides many additional features for users to win more money. Except for standard spins, they can also increase their winnings by multipliers (wild symbols) and bonus rounds.

243 Crystal Fruits. The simpler a game is the more favorite it becomes. This principle works perfectly with all kinds of games. 243 Crystal Fruits doesn’t have a complex plot. Players will see many nice-looking fruits, and their combinations may bring a lot of money to lucky gamblers. Users get numerous moments to multiply their winnings during the game.

Demi Gods III. Will you be able to beat powerful gods? Find out the answer by playing Demi Gods III. This game has an atmosphere of Nordic countries and their mysterious culture. Your task is to compete with gods, prove that you are stronger than they are, and become the owner of gold. It is needless to say that this slot has impressive visuals and sounds, so be ready to get stuck in it for a long time.

Find more online gambling entertainment on SkyKings Casino.

Win money by playing games: how much can players earn?

how to make money by playing video games

The sum you can earn by playing games depends on the amount of time you are ready to spend on it. However, it doesn’t mean that you should play eight or twelve hours every day. As this job is remote, you can choose the most convenient time and the number of hours.

In fact, you can earn a minimum of three hundred dollars monthly, but it isn’t the limit. Even people who don’t often play games and don’t have much experience in this sphere make at least $1000-2000 without extra effort. The main thing here is to use our tips and download the list of the best websites for free. If you still hesitate, just get an absolutely free list of websites, where you can earn money, by providing your email.

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