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EOS Cryptocurrency Forecast for 2019

Author: Rode Arteaga
17 October 2019, 16:41
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The emergence of Bitcoin launched the cryptomarket, and made a splash because of its volatility. The first cryptocurrency demonstrated phenomenal growth and a spectacular fall. Investors became seriously interested in the cryptocurrency market and began to explore profitable assets. Today, the EOS cryptocurrency is among the most popular ones. What are the prospects for this cryptocurrency in the current year?

EOS Cryptocurrency Forecast for 2019

It is difficult to deny that the cryptocurrency assets' growth is too speculative. Cryptocurrency fluctuations depend on many different factors. Paradoxically, but such feature does not deter investors. On the contrary, it attracts their attention and stirs up interest in events taking place on the digital market.

Advantages of EOS compared to Bitcoin

Experts have long concluded that the EOS cryptocurrency has great potential. Moreover, it may well compete with Bitcoin.

Interesting Fact

Today, EOS’s main competitor is Ethereum. These are two different parts of one project.

  • First of all, EOS is a relatively new cryptocurrency on the market, but its capitalization is already showing impressive results. Analysts believe that all of its benefits have not yet been fully discovered.
  • In addition, the difference between EOS and other cryptocurrencies lies in its loyal commission policy.
  • Another difference is the number of tokens. However, investors’ opinions are divided as to whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage. Some of them believe that a large number of tokens is negatively affecting the market, others are convinced of the opposite. In their opinion, even though the cryptocurrency’s price is decreasing because of that, the volatility index is also on the decline.
  • Due to the fact that EOS has appeared on the market only recently, it has better protection against hacking, and fewer bugs. This was achieved because the developers took into account all system errors of other cryptocurrencies, and fixed them before the launch of the coin.

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Latest EOS Cryptocurrency News

Advantages of EOS compared to Bitcoin

Despite the fact that this cryptocurrency is slightly less influenced by the speculative market factors, it cannot be said that they do not affect it at all. That is why it is difficult to give the most accurate EOS price prediction, as well as forecasts for other coins. However, it is easy to analyze the factors that can affect the price.

First of all, analysts point to a growing interest in EOS among investors. They predict two most likely scenarios. According to the first one, by the end of 2019, the price of the coin can reach $25. Growth can vary from $5 to $8. In addition, according to other experts, in the first half of 2019, the EOS price can reach $50. By the end of the year, according to their estimates, the coin value may exceed $100.

As for the second scenario, it is less optimistic. Analysts believe that if the range of the most demanded and popular coins on the market is limited, the EOS cryptocurrency may not be on that list. In addition, as mentioned earlier, no one knows how a rather new digital currency will react to market changes. So, the investor has equal chances to earn money on the cryptocurrency price growth or lose all of it overnight. It is also important to understand that the EOS value may fall after the token promotion stops. Experts advise to carefully monitor the news on this cryptocurrency to quickly respond to all changes on the market.

Hong Kong trader Jorge Cham shared his view on the future prospects of the EOS cryptocurrency:

“I don’t know how to predict the price, but in the long term, I have a positive attitude towards EOS due to the fact that they (developers – Ed.) are currently actively developing cryptomonettes. They have run hackathons all over the world, and have also created the most beautiful guide for developers I have ever seen. Besides, their platform contains many resources for developers. As for me, all this demonstrates how much they value talented people working on their platform in order to improve the blockchain.”

Latest EOS Cryptocurrency News

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Prerequisites for the EOS Cryptocurrency Growth

First of all, these are innovative technical solutions that attract many people. Coordinated work of the team, which is the creator of the project, also plays an important role. They introduced one of the main innovations – network scalability. Thanks to this feature, one million transactions per second can be performed via the EOS network.

And finally, one of the main factors is the interest that large financial companies and venture capital investors have in cryptocurrency. Perhaps all this will help EOS to show good momentum in 2019.

As mentioned earlier, a gang of criminals who were trying to mine cryptocurrency was arrested in one of the nuclear plants in Ukraine.

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