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Electronic Sports League – Detailed Overview of the Main Directions

Author: Rode Arteaga
9 January 2020, 18:21
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The Login Casino team has prepared a material about the Electronic Sports League, which is currently one of the biggest eSports organizations in the international arena.

Electronic Sports League – Detailed Overview of the Main Directions

According to the latest data, the official website of the organization has over 4 million registered users. ESL was established over 20 years ago and since then it has been successfully opening branches, developing its own brand and actively solidifying its core values.

ESL (Electronic Sports League): the main range of activities

  • Introduction of gaming technologies and eSports solutions;
  • Events and competitions organization;
  • Advertisement and TV production.

Every day over 10 thousand matches of various genres of games are held under the aegis of ESL. Such a wide scope in the gaming field led to the necessity to create several structures within the league. Each of them should be related to particular games, requirements for the level of professionalism and the scale of events. There are both amateur and professional competitions that are divided into two general categories – national and international.

Amateur level

Among eSports beginners and amateurs, there are also national and international competitions – ESL Ladders and ESL Amateur Series.

ESL Ladders is a gaming and individual rating of players according to their level of skills. The main special feature of such competition is the possibility to join the ladder and challenge any team. Ladders are an open system, where anyone of an appropriate level can take part in the game at any time. These matches are pretty often created by players themselves. Ranking scores are awarded basing on the game performance indicators in the match and at the end are simply summed up with the previous ones.

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In some cases it is not necessary to accept the challenge, players have the right to choose. Novices, who do not have ranking scores, are placed on the lowest positions of the 20 present. It is also known that if a player does not take part in the specified tournaments, depending on particular circumstances they can be either included in the ban list for a certain period or receive penalty points. Ladders of both amateur and professional levels are needed in the process of searching for talented gamers that, after the invitation, take part in more large-scale competitions.

Amateur level

Besides, there is a concept of a complicated ladder with a distinctive feature – Auto-Challenger which obviates the need to manually search for the opponent. This tool enables to find players with the same level of skills.

Electronic Sports League Amateur Series is a series for amateurs in which gamers play CS, StarCraft, etc. A team with the best results in ESL Ladders can take part in the Amateur Series. Competitions are held both for teams and single players, everything depends on the game.

Those who want to understand the structure should pay attention to the matches of Dawn of War: Soulstorm. The league has been split into four divisions. 16 players participated in the first two while 32 were in the third and fourth each. At the end of the tournaments, the best players receive prizes. Basing on the results in ESL Amateur Series the team either goes to ESL Pro Series (national competitions)/ESL Pro Series (international meetings) or it doesn’t.

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Professional level

Professional ESL series are considered the category with the brightest teams. In case of winning in large-scale events gamers quite often receive big money. The professional league is for 100% professional eSports: large-scale matches with high-skilled players. The main sponsors, including CS:GO matches, are such companies as Intel, Betway, GameFuel, Paysafecard. It is known that gameы are often held in the Round Robin format. For example, Counter-Strike competitions are organized according to the two-round system with 16 teams in each of them.

An ordinary ESL (Electronic Sports League) season lasts no longer than half a year. The number of participants is discussed in advance. In case the result is not sufficient the team returns to the ladder.

Intel Extreme Masters is an eSports equivalent of UEFA Champions League and currently includes the following disciplines:

  • Counter-Strike;
  • League of Legends;
  • StarCraft II.

The international competition ESL One is not inferior to Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) in terms of significance for eSportsmen. The only difference is that it includes competitions in those games which are not in the IEM program.

Professional level

There have been seven IEM seasons so far with Intel as the main sponsor. The European eSports league became the organizer of the first series. The series is of a qualifying, competitive character where players can receive not only money prizes but also access to the final series. The tournament became international in 2008. Since then teams from Asia, South and North America have been taking part in it. The first gaming discipline IEM started its path with was Counter-Strike.

After the fourth season World of Warcraft was removed from the program. Besides, Quake Live competitions were held in the 4th and 5th seasons. It was the first time when a player from Russia took the third place in the 4th season on Quake Live. The winning amounted to 1 thousand dollars.

The most prestigious European league on Warcraft III: TFT is ESL WC3L Series. The league table, which was created in 2002, contains information about the eSports events of the Old World. From 2002 to 2010 sixteen seasons were held. ESL WC3L Series scale can be compared with that of the World Cup. It is a well-known fact that the event in Köln at the beginning of the 2000s attracted about a thousand fans, which was quite a lot in terms of eSports popularity at that time.

As mentioned earlier, the Chinese eSports team managed to become the winner of the League of Legends World Championship 2019.

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