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Deposits, Bonuses and Wagers: Interconnected Elements of the System

Author: Gambling Man
19 November 2019, 11:58
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Competition in the online gambling market is increasing every year, so operators are forced to invent more sophisticated methods of drawing on new customers. As the experts from 1Ante informed the Login Casino team, one of the latest trends has been focusing on the connection of bonuses, deposits and wagers.

Deposits, Bonuses and Wagers: Interconnected Elements of the System

During the dominance of land-based gambling establishments, the most common methods for attracting customers were offering unlimited bar services or booking chic hotel rooms. The latter, however, for the most part, was practiced in relation to super-profitable clients, who are commonly called high rollers. Competition in the online segment market dictates completely different working conditions. It should be noted that the race of operators often leads to the situation when consumers remain the winners. One of the modern methods of drawing on customers is the provision of welcome or other bonuses, as well as a variety of loyalty programs. Over time, the concept spread and not the fact of the presence of encouragement but the most convenient opportunities for users to apply them came to the fore. Thus, there was a relationship between deposits, bonuses and wagers, and industry representatives - specialists of – shared with us information on all its intricacies.

Of course, first of all, it is necessary to look into all the elements of the system, and we will start with deposits.


A deposit in a virtual casino or on a bookmaker’s website is the means that a client credits to their account and using which this customer can subsequently make bets. There are several common ways to make a deposit. It should also be noted that, as a rule, there are more deposit methods than the withdrawal ones. Operators offering simpler and faster withdrawal methods are often more popular among the clients.


Is it safe to make a deposit and share your financial information with a gambling establishment? This question is asked by many customers. According to the 1Ante’s representatives, the replenishment of funds through a deposit in terms of risks can be compared to the ordinary purchase of something on the Internet. It should be noted that in our material we analyzed licensed operators that work legally.

According to the experts from, gamblers are usually provided with several ways to replenish the deposit. One of the most common ways to do this is replenishment through debit or credit cards. The second method in some countries is currently considered prohibited, for example, in the UK. An equally convenient way is to conduct transactions through electronic wallets. Those customers who do not want to disclose their financial data prefer the prepayment option. One more common way is to buy vouchers for cash or with bank cards. The face value indicated on the voucher can subsequently be used to replenish the deposit. For example, in the UK, the purchase of Ukash vouchers is widespread. People can purchase them at any kiosk or retail store.

The rules for making deposits vary significantly depending on the conditions put forward by the establishment organizing gambling activities.

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Deposit and bonus: their connection

Bonus refers to the additional funds that the gambling establishment provides to the user. There are many different types of bonuses. The most common of them are free or no deposit, starting, reload (provided to regular players at specific intervals), VIP or individual.

Deposit and bonus: their connection

1Ante’s representatives explain how all these bonuses differ. Free bonuses are awarded mainly for registration and do not require prior replenishment of the account. However, the relationship between the bonus and the deposit can be traced even in such cases. The matter is that making a deposit may be necessary at the time of withdrawal of winnings.

Welcome bonuses are awarded to the new clients most often after making the first deposit. A feature of this type of promotion is that it has a percentage and a maximum amount. Accepting the conditions of a gambling establishment, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the rules for getting bonuses and wagering requirements of a particular operator.

In addition, our experts shared information regarding the bonus system at The company offers its customers four types of bonuses: Freebet, Welcome, Deposit and Weekend. All these bonuses have their own specific requirements concerning the amount of the deposit and wagering, the only thing they have in common is that these bonuses cannot be wagered in such gambling activities as Sports, Live TV Games and Live Casino. All this information is indicated at the company’s website in the section “PROMOTIONS/BONUSES”.

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Wagering refers to the conditions that are necessary for winning back or withdrawing bonus funds. As a rule, it refers to a coefficient whose value determines the ratio of how many times the volume of bets should exceed the size of bonus funds.



According to the industry experts from 1Ante, the presence of bonus programs is a challenge and a demand of the market, ignoring which means losing potential customers. At the same time, the organizers of the gambling activities are trying to establish the requirements expressed by the connection of the wager, bonuses and deposit, which would provide the most acceptable conditions for them. Therefore, when accepting bonus funds, the customer should be extremely attentive to the withdrawal rules applicable in a particular establishment.

As mentioned earlier, a number of well-known companies advocated the UK’s initiative focused on combating gambling issues among players in the future.

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