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Demographic Trends in Spanish Online Casinos

Author: Oleksii Holtvenko
30 August 2019, 09:06
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Considering the fact that online casino turnover growth for the period from 2015 to 2017 was 58% (per one player), Spain’s bullish trend continued in 2018 as well.

Demographic Trends in Spanish Online Casinos

Since online slot games launch in June 2015, average bets made by adults under 45 years of age have surpassed the ones made by older users. Besides, year-on-year growth in the country’s gross gaming revenue (GGR) from online gambling reached 25.5% in 2018 with a total GGR of €699.4 million.

According to the data published by Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) in February, the Spanish market has been demonstrating 25+% growth fourth year in a row. The main reasons for the last year’s increase were an 18.1% rise of online sports betting revenue to €365.1 million due to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, as well as online casino revenue growth of 38.9% to €238 million. The last one’s progress was achieved through 50.5% online slots upswing to €130.2 million.

One month before the abovementioned facts became publicly available, the DGOJ had issued the report on Spanish online players’ statistics since 2016 entitled “Online Player Profile Report”. It is a second edition of the 2015 report containing data on age and gender trends in online gambling, as well as what games are more popular among Spaniards.

The recent data on average bet amount by product and active players (for the period from 2016 to 2017) allows monitoring the changes in the online gambling market. Besides, it enables to compare these changes with the previous data from a comprehensive situation of Spain’s trends.

Striking growth of 356% in online casino revenue amount for the period from 2014 (€37.5 million) to 2017 (€171.3 million) coincided with 179% upswing in the number of online casino players from 169,804 to 473,994 accordingly. Furthermore, the regulator took into account only the number of unique active players. It means that multiple accounts created by one player were counted as one.


Concerning average annual revenue per unique active online casino player, it grew by 63.5% for the same period from €221 to €361. However, a slight fall had happened in 2015 due to the active players’ base increase of 80% that year.

The opposite situation occurred in the Spanish online betting sector, where the segment increase has been achieved through the growth in the number of players, while the average stake amount has decreased considerably.

Regarding online casino revenue growth by age,  since online slots introduction in 2015, average turnover per player has risen due to increased betting by active players under the age of 45. More specifically, this increase among 18-25 year-old players was 69% since 2015 (to €5,132 in 2017), among 26-35 year-olds – 64.6% (to €12,282), among 36-45 year-olds – 59.6% (to €20,951).

Considering the other age groups’ statistics with 34% increase among 46-55 year-olds (to €21,792) and much lower increases of 8.5% (to €19,874) and 10.5% (to €19,151) among 56-65 year-olds and players older than 65, the situation on the market becomes clear – the younger generation rules. Online casino turnover per gamblers aged 18 to 45 had been increasing annually, starting from 2014 (71.9%) and reached 78.1% in 2017. The same rate for older players decreased from 28.1% in 2014 to 21.9% in 2017.

The data above demonstrates that gamblers belonging to 36-45 and 46-55 age groups generate a maximum amount of revenue to online casinos. Such distribution by age groups is natural due to the older generation’s lesser involvement in modern technologies, which are required to use when playing online casino.

playing online casino

The compound annual growth in the number of active online casino players was 40.8% over the period from 2014 (169,804 users) to 2017 (473,994 users). Concerning age groups, the number of players over 65 years old increased by 58% compared to 2014. The growth in the youngest age group (18-25) was 36% for the same period.

Spaniards aged 35 or younger constitute the majority of online casino users (2/3 of a total number), but the rate of the ones older than 35 grew from 29.4% in 2014 to 32.9% in 2017. This happened because younger players moved to the older age group.

According to the data collected by the Spanish National Statistics Institute, approximately 1.2% of Spaniards (adults) placed at least one bet at an online casino in 2017. Concerning online poker and online betting, their rates were 0.9% and 2.8% accordingly. The total percentage of the Spanish adult population involved in online gambling of any kind was 3.6%.

The more specific statistics showed that 3.7% of 18-25-year-old Spaniards were playing online casino in 2017. The rate of 2.3% was among 25-35-year-old players, 1.2% – 36-45 year-olds, 0.6% – 46-55 year-olds, 0.3% – 56-65-year-olds, and just 0.1% of people over the age of 65.

Despite the latest success, Spain’s online casino segment with its 34% of the Spanish gambling market’s share in 2018 was far below the rates in such countries as Italy (45.1%) and the UK (53.4%). However, according to the DGOJ, this gap will be diminished due to the market’s high potential (particularly in the sports betting segment).  


The rate of online bettors who were trying out online slots has increased from 8.8% in 2015 to 12.1% in 2017. Besides, 20.4% of fixed-odds sports active users were playing online roulette, 12.8% – online poker tournaments, and 12.5% – online blackjack. However, these rates are nothing compared to the cross-sell rate for bingo players, 61.6% of whom played online slot games, 48.5% – blackjack, 41.8% – roulette, and 26.8% of active bingo players participated in poker tournaments.  

As mentioned earlier, Germany’s new gambling regulation submitted to the European Commission was not supported by its representatives.

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