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“Death Stranding” Reviews

Author: Ivanna Shostak
28 November 2019, 11:42
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What fans, gamers, rank-and-file players and even ordinary people have been waiting for three years has finally happened. On November 8, Hideo Kojima released a new game – “Death Stranding”.

“Death Standing” Reviews

Even before the release, the game was named a revolution in its genre. We can already say the gaming novelty has not made any breakthrough in the industry. However, no one denies the fact that “Death Stranding” is one of the best and most impressive games of recent years. In order to get more details regarding the gaming novelty read the following “Death Stranding” review Xbox and other platforms from the Login Casino team.

An interesting fact: according to Kojima, the main theme of the novelty is community unification. In the real world, there are many people who feel lonely while the game makes it clear to the player that there are a lot of loners around who experience similar emotions. For the sake of realizing this idea, the opportunity to put dislikes was not introduced (likes is a currency in the game) – the developers were interested in positive interaction without cruelty and aggression, which are already abundant on the Web.

“Death Stranding” review PS4

The game shows the world of the future, where a terrible cataclysm has occurred, the United States lies in ruins and deadly creatures roam the earth. A handful of survivors are hiding in underground vaults, and only couriers delivering food, medicines and other supplies come to the surface. To deliver the goods is not the only couriers’ task – the goods must remain in good condition. Sometimes a package cannot be dragged on the back, but only in the hands because it is fragile. It is forbidden to wet, shake, carry horizontally or vertically some goods and so on.

Overall, the gameplay itself is pretty monotonous. The player just needs to transfer things from one location to another. According to the plot, the usual communication channels are broken due to the dangers of post-apocalypse. Of course, players can meet quite unusual enemies or drive their way on a motorcycle or truck, but over the long hours of gameplay, this variety seems meager. Therefore, the novelty was named the courier simulator by a number of people.

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As has been mentioned earlier, likes have become the universal currency in the game – here there are no points, gold, money or other similar things. Players cannot sell or buy anything – they have to do everything by themselves by creating in workshops or take something from other gamers for free. Doing diverse tasks players get likes. It might seem banal, even a little bit stupid but such a system actually works better than other virtual rewards.

An unusual feature of the game has become the online mode of the game: along the way, other players can help you by fixing installations or sending supplies. However, as it turned out, this can briefly interest gamers.

One of the main characters is Sam Porter Bridges, played and voiced by Norman Reedus. “The Walking Dead” star is not the only celebrity in the game – actors Mads Mikkelsen, Lea Seydoux and director Guillermo del Toro also starred in the game.

The voice acting in “Death Stranding” is satisfying. All the voices of the main characters are perfectly matched. As “Death Stranding” review Xbox One and PS4 claims, no errors were noticed either in the translation or in the menu or subtitles. Music is another advantage. For the most part, this is a trip-hop that provides atmospheric ambient and a similar genre is perfect for the routine Kojima’s gameplay – it adds rhythm to each courier’s trip.

Those who want to play the game on their computers should pay attention to the “Death Stranding” review PC of system requirements:

 system requirements

In conclusion, “Death Stranding” seems to be an interesting novelty but not every gamer will like the offer form Kojima due to its monotony. If you are looking for something new just to have fun or have heard about Kojima’s project and expect too much, you might be disappointed. However, if you have already decided to try the game, then get ready for the routine monotony and strikingly beautiful but rare plot inserts.

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