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Daniel Negreanu net worth, biography, poker career, way to success

Author: Ivanna Shostak
27 December 2019, 18:09
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Today, Daniel Negreanu is considered one of the best poker players in the world. In almost all corners of the planet, he has a whole army of fans who are ready to watch his game day and night, both at PokerStars and in offline tournaments.

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel is a friendly, open-minded and confident person. He gladly gives interviews, comments on games and communicates on social networks with his supporters. The Login Casino team has prepared a lot of interesting information about this amazing player, including Daniel Negreanu net worth according to Forbes.

Daniel Negreanu’s biography

The future professional poker player was born in 1974 in the city of Toronto, Canada. His family moved to this country from Romania in 1967. Since childhood, little Daniel was fond of logic puzzles, which later grew into his favorite hobby. In high school, at the age of fifteen, Daniel found out about poker and began to devote almost all his free time to this activity. He immediately realized that it was his cup of tea. Thanks to the parents, who always supported their son, Daniel decided to try to become a professional poker player. If you also dream about a professional poker career, you need to test your skills at one of the reliable gambling establishments. For instance, at, you will have the opportunity to access a great variety of diverse gambling options and play anywhere where there is Internet.

Poker career of Daniel Negreanu

When there was only one exam left before graduating from high school, Negreanu decided to quit it for poker. As it turned out later, that was a good decision. When Daniel turned 21, he moved to Las Vegas in order to participate in diverse tournaments and cash games that were available to him by bankroll. However, he faced a number of failures and major losses so he was soon forced to return home since it was necessary to restore Negreanu net worth.

A year later, in 1997, Daniel again went to conquer Las Vegas and this time quite successfully. He won two World Poker Finals tournaments at once and received the title of the best all-round player. Such a success strongly motivated the player, and he decided to participate in his debut World Series of Poker.

In 1998, the poker player became the youngest winner of the WSOP Gold Bracelet having won the $2,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em tournament. The victory brought him $169,460 – fabulous money at that time. This was just the beginning of an incredibly successful Negreanu’s poker career. . Of course, not everyone is able to achieve such success just at the beginning of the career but don't be upset. You just need to find a good place to gain more experience. One of such gambling establishments is, which will certainly surprise you with its high-quality games and convenience in use.

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Daniel Negreanu net worth

Daniel Negreanu net worth

The game of poker is not only one of the most interesting and exciting pastimes for millions of people from diverse countries of the world but it is also the activity that makes real professionals very rich people.

During his successful and long career, Negreanu won many tournaments that allowed him to remain at the top of the ranking of the richest tournament players, and he retained leadership for several years until the summer of 2018.

The most profitable period in the career of a poker player was 2013-2015. The player’s victories at numerous tournaments contributed to the considerable increase in Daniel Negreanu net worth of 2016.  

Below, you can see the player’s most significant winnings:


Prize (in dollars)

1998 WSOP


2004 WSOP


WPT Borgata 2004


WPT WPO 2005


WSOPE 2008


PCA 2011


WSOP 2013


PokerStars EPT 2013


Aussie Millions 2014


WSOP 2014


WSOP 2015


PokerStars WCOOP 2016


Thus, after all these impressive prizes, how much is Daniel Negreanu worth? Diverse sources indicate different numbers but, overall, it is estimated that the net worth of Daniel Negreanu is approximately fifty million dollars. It is known that the player won around forty million dollars participating in numerous poker tournaments and, of course, he has additional incomes due to sponsorship deals, as well as marketing activities, so fifty million dollars seems to be a good prediction.

By the way, here you will find the most interesting poker games:

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Most important achievements

Daniel Negreanu is an incredibly successful player. Among a lot of talented representatives of the industry, he is one of the few who have been able to evolve along with the game. That is why he is considered not just a strong player but a preeminent genius of the poker world, which once again confirmed his inclusion in the Poker Hall of Fame in 2014.

Those who are looking for the answer to the question of what is Daniel Negreanu net worth will likely be interested in the player’s best performances at tournaments. Below, you can see Negreanu’s most important achievements:




The player won his first WSOP bracelet and became the champion of the $2,000 Pot Limit Hold’em tournament


Negreanu became the champion at the $2,000 S.H.O.E. event. The second WSOP bracelet appeared in his collection.


At the $2,000 Limit Hold’em tournament, Daniel won his third WSOP bracelet.


The player won the $10,000 Borgata Poker Open tournament.


He became the best player at the $15,000 Five Diamond World Poker Classic tournament.


He beat all the opponents at $2,000 Limit Hold’em event and received his fourth WSOP bracelet.


Daniel Negreanu became the best poker player at the $10,000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event and added the fifth WSOP bracelet to his collection.


The player won the €25,600 High Roller No Limit Hold’em tournament and was awarded the sixth WSOP bracelet.


Negreanu became the best player at the $5,200 PL Omaha [6-Max] tournament.

Playing style and Daniel Negreanu's masterclasses

Thus, what is the reason for Negreanu’s success? Firstly, it is his amazing ability to read the opponent and understand easily what cards other players have. Secondly, he is not afraid to face difficult situations at the poker table. Thirdly, it is his ability to adapt quickly to any opponent.

According to Daniel Negreanu, he has been trying to improve his playing style for many years. He claims that one of the worst mistakes some poker players frequently make is to be satisfied with what they have already achieved. Negreanu says that this often happens with people who have been in the poker industry for more than ten years. In this case, poker players continue to think the same way and do not notice that the industry features numerous developments.  

The career of one of the most famous poker players of our time Daniel Negreanu is an excellent example of how the combination of luck and a professional approach to your favorite business can make you the hero of millions of people.

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Other activities Daniel Negreanu have been involved in

Daniel admits that he is ready to work tirelessly to popularize poker in the world. He regularly appears in talk shows and advertisements participates in press conferences and comments on poker tournaments on TV.

In addition, Daniel Negreanu is a co-author of the famous book by Doyle Brunson “Super System 2”. In 2007, he published his own book “Hold'em Wisdom for All Players”. A year later, Daniel published the second book “Power Hold'em Strategy”, where different chapters are written by famous players, and Negreanu himself is the editor-in-chief.

The player also uses the well-known Twitch streaming platform. Daniel has a very busy schedule so he does not stream very often. However, nevertheless, any of his streams immediately gathers an army of thousands of fans.

Daniel Negreanu Masterclasses

Negreanu even starred in films where he often played himself. It is possible to see him in the X-men film series, "Lucky You", a Katy Perry’s clip ("Waking Up in Vegas") and, of course, in the documentary film-autobiography. Many Hollywood celebrities found out about poker thanks to Daniel. He personally taught some of the stars poker sharing with them the secrets of his success.


Daniel Negreanu is also famous for his statements regarding politics. For instance, in one of the interviews, he compared Donald Trump with Hitler before the American became the President of the US. He never shared Trumps’ points of view and supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US Presidential election. Besides, once, Negreanu claimed that poker players are mostly clever people, and in the company of high rollers, it is almost impossible to find Trump’s fans.

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Personal life. Info about Daniel Negreanu’s wife

This year, the popular poker player married his longtime girlfriend TV hostess Amanda Leatherman. The ceremony, held in Los Angeles, was attended by many poker stars. There were no alcohol or animal products at the event since Negreanu has been vegan for a lot of years.

Relations between Negreanu and Leatherman began in the early 2010s when Daniel took part in the TV show "The Big Game" hosted by Amanda. Around that time, Negreanu bought a wedding ring, intending to make a proposal to Leatherman. However, they broke up.

In 2018, they began to date again, and on this New Year's Eve, Negreanu made a proposal to his lady. As you already know, Amanda said yes and later became the player’s wife.

Daniel Negreanu’s wife

In his free time, the popular poker player likes to relax at home, play golf or tennis with friends. It is often possible to see him in the gym and at a football match. Negreanu is also a big fan of hockey, and he can often be seen at a tournament wearing the shirt of his favorite team. Daniel is even ready to refuse to participate in the tournament if an important hockey match takes place at this time.

As mentioned earlier, it has become known that in 2020, the world-famous poker series will start on May 26.

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