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Current Trends in the World of Gambling

Author: Gambling Man
5 February 2020, 10:07
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Gambling market development trends are one of the relevant topics of most conferences with the participation of gambling operators. The Login Casino team decided to find out about the features that determine the future of the gambling industry from market representatives – 1Ante employees.

Current Trends in the World of Gambling

In a stream of news, it is sometimes difficult to determine the direction of the industry’s development. Among other things, there are specific, regional features of the regulation and conduct of the gambling business. We decided to collect the most relevant features of the development of the gambling market, which we have traced recently, and the representatives of the 1Ante operator helped us to do this.

Focus on Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling programs are becoming an increasingly important part regarding the formation of the rules of the markets in this industry. The trend is seen mainly in European jurisdictions, where consumer protection is paramount. For instance, the UK has chosen a particularly revealing policy regarding responsible gambling: the country’s authorities have introduced a ban on the use of the logo of the betting operator on athletes' t-shirts.

According to the representatives, last year in Great Britain, another innovation aimed at protecting the rights of users was discussed – the prohibition of using credit cards to pay for transactions related to gambling. As the experts claim, it is believed that people with a gambling addiction often have debts provoked by the fact that they can pay with money, which they, in fact, do not have.

Another proof of a focus on responsible gambling is the spread of the practice of creating registries of self-excluded players.

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Portable games and finding an individual approach to customers

Portable games and finding an individual approach to customers

Modern smart technologies greatly simplify everyday life, but paradoxically, at the same time, people no longer have free time. This is partly due to the users’ love for mobile technology. In today's world, even leisure is something that is carried out on the go. An important role in the spread of mobile and online gambling is the improvement of Internet coverage.

The situation regarding sports betting operations in the United States is quite illustrative in this context. In the country, the vast majority of players prefer to bet on sports not at land-based betting shops, but through mobile applications or the site of a betting company, if this is legal in the state.

Regarding the search for an individual approach to customers, it is worth noting that this is a trend in advance. This means that operators are gradually trying to attract users of certain age groups – mainly millennials – by satisfying the needs that are specific to this generation. This involves providing more interactive gameplay.

The 1Ante experts note that globally, operators are still more inclined to seek a new customer than to try to keep the attention of those who have already become their clients.

In the experts’ opinion, this trend will change in the next few years. The assumption is made on the basis of a large number of developments related to monitoring players’ behavior on the gambling resource page. The developments are aimed not only at identifying indicators of problem gambling but also at analyzing customers’ preferences.

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Live casino games

Live casino games

Games with live dealers are a trend of online casinos in countries where this activity is legal. Of course, the main advantage of virtual games is that they can be launched at any convenient time, and it is not necessary to spend money on flights or hotel reservations; a gambling establishment is accessible from an apartment, office or public transport. However, in addition to the advantages, online gambling has a significant drawback – the lack of a familiar casino’s atmosphere and specific communication with both staff and visitors.

That is the reason why in the industry, games with a live dealer have become increasingly popular. According to the representatives of, such games provide the opportunity to combine the main advantage of virtual casinos – accessibility – and the atmosphere of a traditional gambling establishment.

The introduction of digital currencies

Cryptocurrencies are used every year in an increasing number of industries. The legislative consolidation of the status of digital currencies in various jurisdictions around the world not only allows increasing their application but also raising their cost.

Cryptocurrencies are also utilized in gambling. A number of advantages, the main of which is the security and speed of transactions, explains their attractiveness for people. The low service fee compared to traditional payment systems is no least important. In addition, the blockchain technology used to create cryptocurrencies minimizes the risks that any information will be extracted or distorted. Finally, the system is beneficial due to its anonymity.

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The past few years have been marked by a more active utilization of mobile gambling technologies, the capabilities of the cryptocurrency market, games with live dealers. Lawmakers and gambling regulators are focused on developing new principles for responsible gambling.

As the representatives of 1Ante have summed up, in order to make the business work harmoniously and successfully, it is necessary not only to monitor but also to introduce technologies that form global trends.

As mentioned earlier, the UK Gambling Commission has announced its partnership with Twitter aimed at the creation of rules helping people who want to introduce limitations to gambling content on the platform.

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