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Cryptocurrency Rating in 2019

31 July 2019, 08:51
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Investors study numerous analytical articles in order to understand which cryptocurrency is worth investing their money, and which one should not be trusted. Which coin is today at the top of the cryptocurrency rating? What investments will be the most profitable?

Cryptocurrency Rating in 2019

First of all, you should learn about the most promising digital coins, which will make it possible to determine the investment that can generate income.


This cryptocurrency holds a special position on the market. It was created by the programmer Vitalik Buterin, and today its value is $133.14. Although, exactly a year ago, the price was around $690. However, such a significant drop does not prevent it from gaining popularity. Many experts have expressed their opinion that Ethereum has reached its bottom and good prospects are waiting for the cryptocurrency in the future. Among them were Tom Lee, Joe Lubin and other analysts.


EOS is a direct competitor to Ethereum. To date, the market capitalization of this cryptocurrency is more than $3 billion. As of March 14, its price is $3.59. These days, EOS is the fifth largest cryptocurrency. Within a short time, the developers are planning to solve scalability problems, as well as create new software tools.

However, compared with 2018, the coin experienced a significant price drop. Last March, its value was about $8.


Experts consider Tron to be a promising cryptocurrency for investment in 2019. Today it is ranked 10th in the list of the most popular coins. Its price is $0.022670, and market capitalization volume is $1.5 billion. A year ago, it could be purchased at a cost of $ 0.035. Experts believe that its main advantage is affordable price and untapped potential, which can significantly push it up.



Speaking about the most popular cryptocurrencies, it is impossible not to mention Bitcoin. This is the cryptocurrency rating leader for today. According to experts, the entire market movement depends on BTC. But is it reasonable to invest in Bitcoin? This question worries many people. As for the forecast for 2019, the experts’ opinions differ considerably. Some people believe that Bitcoin hit the bottom, and it is going to grow on the grounds that institutional investors are seriously interested in the market. Others, on the contrary, consider that there are no prerequisites for growth of the first cryptocurrency’s price, since many depositors are preparing for a massive sale of their assets, and demand for the coin is significantly dropping. For example, analysts from Bloomberg, after analyzing the data of the cryptocurrency indicator Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), made a forecast that a further fall awaits Bitcoin. Meanwhile, in March 2018, its cost held steady at about $9 thousand. As of March 14, 2019, coin is traded at a price of $3,912.70, and the market capitalization amount is $68,815,009,025.


Today, the Ripple cryptocurrency costs $0.313876. Exactly a year ago, this figure was at around $0.68. As for the XPR coin’s potential, there are both pros and cons. First of all, it should be noted that most of the Ripple coins belong to the creators of this project. It is being brought to the market gradually, so as not to provoke a sharp fall in prices. The second drawback is the lack of mining, which can also significantly affect its value in the future. Will it rise high enough? The next nuance is a limited number of coins. To date, only 100 billion have been issued. Therefore, there is hardly any chance of sudden upswing of the rate.


However, there are benefits. The main ones are scalability, low transaction fees and their high speed. In addition, the Ripple team employs highly qualified professionals who have carefully considered all aspects related to investment security.


Cryptocurrency investments require preparation. In order to decide on which coin to give preference to, first of all, its position in the market should be carefully examined. Also, do not ignore experts’ forecasts. In addition, experienced cryptoinvestors discourage from keeping all your money in one asset.

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