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Choice Is a Major Selling Point of this Industry – How Do Consumers Know Where to Start?

Author: Gambling Man
1 September 2020, 16:21
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When choosing an online casino to play on, there are so many factors that many potential customers may feel bombarded with information. The industry has a wide variety of sites for players to choose from, each one promoting a different aspect of their service. Each customer will have their own specification for what makes a site they want to engage with, too. So, what factors should online casino players consider when choosing a site?

Choice Is a Major Selling Point of this Industry – How Do Consumers Know Where to Start?


One of the first aspects that players will consider when choosing an online casino is how it looks. If the website is sleek and polished, this signals that the quality of the experience on the site is also likely to reflect this. Being able to effortlessly find games or navigate between the sportsbook and the gaming section of the site is important. If the site doesn’t make a good first impression, players will click off it and look elsewhere.  

Game variety

For some online casino players, having a wide variety of games to choose from is a huge factor in selecting a site. While some players are happy with the classic table games, others enjoy the challenge of the live variants of poker, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. Others may look for more obscure games, such as Pai Gow.

Some are solely slots players, so will not only be looking for a variety of online slot themes and franchise tie-ins with the slots they play, but also different styles of playing, such as video slots. Some people will be won over by seeing that sites offer hundreds of different slots, while others look for specific developers and titles and make their decision based on this.

Payment methods   

Payment methods are of the utmost importance. Some online casinos offer the standard bank transfer, while others have a range of methods relying on the latest tech. As this list of the best online casinos shows, out of all the categories that are judged when players are looking for somewhere to play, the range of payment methods is significant. The options available are often displayed prominently so that players can immediately see if their desired method is catered for.

These payment offers can include credit cards, PayPal and even e-wallet options such as Skrill or Neteller. While many won't mind how they can deposit and withdraw funds, others will have specific ideas about which modern financial technology they want to engage with.

Mobile Optimization

Choice Is a Major Selling Point of this Industry – How Do Consumers Know Where to Start?

Mobile gameplay has increased across the board. More than half of all worldwide gaming revenue comes from mobile gameplay, so it’s important for online casinos to offer some form of a mobile-optimized site. This is how players are wanting to engage with most things, so it makes sense to take advantage of the footfall that mobile offers. For these sites, not everything that worked for the desktop will work for mobile. Some sites transparently explain that they have dropped certain titles and ensured the ones they do offer on mobile have a high-quality playthrough.

Others have an app, which helps ensure there is a cohesive experience. The main issue with mobile play is that sites that require a lot of processing power can be issue-free on desktop but could have problems with lag on mobile. So, ensuring a site has a strong mobile offering is a key factor for many customers. 

Customer Service

This may not be crucial for every potential player, but many will look at possibilities for resolving issues. Nobody wants to have an issue when playing online, but as they inevitably do occur, it’s important to know the procedure for rectifying them. Most sites are transparent about how to contact them through phone, email, and even live chat, while others have a list of FAQs that could pre-empt any issues. Some players will look at reviews and specifically check if there have been any consistent problems with issue resolution.

Every individual will have a different list of important factors in their mind when choosing an online casino site. Some will be laser-focused on a specific game or title, while others will enjoy the freedom to explore the site, provided it is easy enough to navigate. Moreover, some will want to use modern payment methods, while others will feel reassured with a good customer support service. Some will aim to play on desktop, while others will want to exclusively engage on mobile devices. With so many important factors, online casino providers know that they must provide the best service possible across the board, in order to gain them the customers from the competition.

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