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Casinos in India: How and What to Choose?

Author: Gambling Man
19 October 2020, 16:29
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Being almost the most populated country in the world, India has immense gambling potential. However, as the latest gambling news report, the lack of centralized regulation in the gaming sector opens many opportunities for remote gambling venues in the state. Login Casino compares the best online casinos in India and presents the market leader.

Casinos in India: How and What to Choose?

Specifics of the gambling regulation and games casino in India

The situation with casinos in India is, probably, one of the most interesting in the world. The country is the second-most populated across the globe, with about 1.35B people, which transforms India into a potential leader on the global gambling stage. Compared to European gambling legislation, the Indian one differs concerning both land-based and online casinos. The responsibility of their regulation mainly belongs to the states' authorities, which form rules and laws in the sector.

Every state has defined its own approach to gambling regulation, with unique limitations and permissions. What relates to casinos, the land-based venues are allowed in four states only: Goa, Daman, Diu, and Sikkim. At the same time, online gaming like goldfish slots, blackjack, roulette, and casino tables are legal in three states only, excluding Diu from the previous list.

Interestingly, but poker, lotteries, and betting have even more permission aspects with almost every state dictating its own rules. However, the aim of this material is to describe the casino sector, which is pretty vast despite the fact that most states have forbidden it in both online and offline forms.

How to choose an online Indian casino for real money?

Before we name the top casino providers in India, we'll define the criteria that influence the final choice. Login Casino usually looks at the following aspects before creating a ranking list:

Сasinos in India

  • depositing and withdrawing (how fast and stable financial operations are; the variety of withdrawing and depositing methods, including cryptocurrencies);
  • slots and games variety (the simple rule 'the more games, the better the platform' is still relevant);
  • technical side (how many languages are there on the platform, including the presence of an Indian one for this review; overall technical functioning like the speed of downloading and web pages opening, which depends on the casino software provider );
  • reputation and customer support (apart from the previous items in the list, reputation is usually related to support, as the authoritative casinos suggest the full variety of connecting methods for issue resolving);
  • the availability of onuses (including registration or welcome prize, no deposit bonus, loyalty offers, and so on).

After the thoughtful analysis, Login Casino chose the following three online casinos as the best choice to enjoy for Indians:

  • Bollywood Casino (dedicated online India-only casino);
  • Pure Casino (another Indian player only casino);
  • JackpotCity (international leader present on the Indian market).

Bollywood Casino review

Choosing the Indian casino market leader was a tough task, but finally, we stopped at Bollywood Casino. We focused on the legal issues as the core parameter, which was only facilitated by the technical aspects and overall impression. If one is looking for an Indian casino to play online, Bollywood Casino is certainly a good choice.

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The name of the Bollywood Casino explains a lot about this digital gambling venue. The design is accomplished in the traditional Indian colors and depictions, virtually transporting the visitor to a famous Indian film-producing center - Bollywood. The latter is the most productive feature-film center in the world, while the regarded casino tries to follow the leading numbers and suggest the widest variety of casino slots and games.

bollywood casino

The considered gambling venue heads our rating as it is a dedicated Indian online casino platform. Only Indians can register on the platform: new users are required to indicate the state Indian phone number and confirm it. Such a narrow approach may seem strange when we are talking about online gambling venues, but the dedication to only one market, which is way specific in its laws (we remind that online casinos are legal only in Goa, Sikkim, and Daman states) is a good sign. It should give additional confidence for the clients of Bollywood Casino that the platform owners know all the nuances better than offshore venues.

Bonuses and gaming aspects of Bollywood online casino

What relates to the specific gaming aspects, Bollywood Casino suggests dozens of entertaining slots and games, where the core elements are Indian culture and traditions. It allows to create a rather specific atmosphere for the punter and helps to receive enough pleasure while gaming. Also, Bollywood Casino offers the following bonuses:

  • 77 free spins, connected to a player’s phone number;
  • weekly cash gifts for regular customers;
  • exchange points, widening the engagement process;
  • regular cashback proposition;
  • Birthday bonus;
  • interesting tournaments (with prizes up to 150 000 rupees);
  • Namaste pack, which is a special bonus for novices. Having signed up, new users can receive up to 100,000 rupees and 250 free spins. The offer applies to the players’ first five deposits of 500/1,500/5,000 rupees. The most significant highlight is that all the money is immediately transferred to the game account as soon a deposit is made, and a player can take advantage of the available free spins very quickly.

online indian casino

To make the final decision concerning the market leader, the Login Casino team applied all the criteria mentioned above. As the Indian gambling market is a rather specific region, choosing Bollywood Casino as the leader can be explained by the following reasons:

  • This is a dedicated Indian-player only casino, which knows and supports all the legislation requirements.
  • The highest bonuses are suggested to the casino’s customers, including loyalty prizes and special tournaments.
  • Technical, financial, and reputational aspects were quite similar to the competitors, so they played a secondary role during the selection process.

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Frequently asked questions

How to play in a casino in India legally?

Land-based casinos in India are legally permitted in four regions only: Goa, Daman, Diu, and Sikkim. Online casinos are allowed in Goa, Daman, and Sikkim. Thus, one has to choose gambling venues in those locations.

How to play casino games in India?

Legal casino games are part of casinos and allowed in four states only: Goa, Daman, Diu, and Sikkim. The online sector is even narrower: Goa, Daman, and Sikkim. Choose the preferable venue from those states for legal playing.

Are there any limitations to playing at online casinos in India?

Among the legal limitations are state restrictions, as online casino gambling is allowed only in Goa, Daman, and Sikkim areas. The other states are still on the way to accepting casino-related legislation.

What to look at when choosing a casino for real money in India?

We recommend looking at the origin of the casino that suggests playing casino games in India as the country has rather specific legislation in the sector. It also simplifies financial operations and brings more engagement.


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