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Casino Website Traffic Sources You Need to Know in 2021

Author: Catherine Lysenko
6 April 2021, 16:27
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The news about the gambling industry confirms the fact that this market isn’t easy in terms of business promotion. This verdict is applied to the casino traffic increase directly as the digital world is changing constantly, together with regulations, restrictions, and players’ preferences.

Casino Website Traffic Sources You Need to Know in 2021

However, any online casino requires growing and high-quality traffic for operation. Where to find efficient sources of traffic that converts? What channels to use in 2021? The answers to these and other questions are provided in this article.

You check website traffic and see poor casino performance

As has been mentioned above, the gambling vertical is, undoubtedly, one of the most challenging ones in terms of customer outreach. Although casino entertainment is extremely popular nowadays, the level of competition among gambling websites is very high. Operators need to make efforts and search for new channels to advertise their services even when they face considerable obstacles in the form of legal restrictions.

So, if you check your online casino's statistics and see poor performance connected with traffic, it’s high time to change the situation for the better. Chances are that you use outdated methods and resources for customer acquisition. The industry experts who specialize in gambling traffic have shared valuable tips on how to get traffic to a casino this year.  

Trending gambling web traffic sources in 2021

To start with, it is worth mentioning that some already known channels still work successfully and can be used for generating traffic. However, new social networks enter the market, which also provides a wider range of opportunities for the gambling products advertisers. Let’s consider the hottest trends in gambling traffic sources in 2021.


It seems that Facebook as a source of traffic will never survive its usefulness. At the same time, it takes much time to set everything properly. Does it pay back? The answer is yes. After approving the company, the app account, and launching a well-thought-out campaign in Facebook Ads Manager, an online casino can get pretty much traffic. Of course, the pattern “Facebook + apps” works only if you have appealing creatives.

website traffic + casino

For example, advertisers can choose between two themes: news about success stories and emotional content, which makes users sign up at an online casino and play for fun. Both of them can bring traffic to a gambling website but remember that newcomers will differ in terms of their actions at a casino as they pursue different aims. Experts also recommend using a WebView tool for such ads.

One of Facebook’s major advantages is the wide coverage of users from various geolocations. In addition to this, webmasters get a great choice of software and more chances to be approved by the social network if they have advertising campaigns with applications.


The webspace is constantly getting enriched with new entertainment services that give more opportunities for webmasters as well. TikTok, a platform based on video content, was launched not so long ago but caught the attention of advertisers who saw strong potential for reaching their target audience there.

Here are some pros and cons of this Chinese social network, which has won over the whole of Europe:

  • TikTok users haven’t got used to certain ads, that is why all information coming into their view will interest them.
  • It has many target users for gambling websites.
  • The social network’s auction system isn’t overwhelmed with ads because it is relatively new.
  • However, TikTok isn’t available in many countries, which limits casino advertisers.
  • Manual moderation is one more drawback. It decreases a chance to be approved by the service with a gambling-related ad creative.

Nevertheless, TikTok is a fresh and unexplored niche. So, is it really helpful for traffic increase? Of course, if you know how to use the functionality of this service properly. It is important to mention that TikTok isn’t an easy platform to advertise on. Only experienced affiliate marketing specialists know how to work with it.

increase website traffic + casino

To warm up accounts is the first and one of the most important stages. It means that account owners should behave like real users – they should engage with content and follow pages with their topic of interest. The next but not less important step is to make the account visually attractive and provide information that describes the offer to the full extent. After this, the owners add high-quality and interesting content to their pages, which can become viral and lead to a spike in traffic volume. The following actions are standard for affiliate marketing specialists. They redirect the traffic to a website, using special domains or other channels.

Google UAC

Google Universal App Campaigns is a powerful tool, which can generate traffic efficiently. Many experts confirm that it is the best way for traffic acquisition and have many successful cases to show for proving this. Google allows gambling services advertising if an advertiser is certified by it.

By reference to the name, you will need an application that meets all the requirements. Ads creatives also influence the result significantly. Very often, the Internet giant blocks apps and accounts as it is technologically developed and knows how to check the information properly. That is why media buyers should be ready to work hard on every aspect. Specialists say that it is necessary to check every part of the ad: starting from the text and ending with the mobile software to which it redirects. It will ensure that your advertisement will be moderated successfully.

In general, UAC is a very effective method for getting traffic for casino websites. Setting the right target and giving Google a complete understanding of who your audience is will definitely help you to achieve notable results. Affiliate marketing experts recommend paying attention to your ad creatives, the quality of the application, and account warming up. These three things will make your CPA marketing campaign rewarding.

Other ways to increase website traffic for a casino

free website traffic

Needless to say that there are dozens of methods, which media buyers use to bring traffic to gambling websites. In addition to the above-mentioned ones, they also can use the following advertising formats:

  1. Popunder ads and doorways. Popunder is an additional browser window that fully replaces the initial window. Media buyers say that this method is relatively cheap yet converting. Doorways lead to the same result.
  2. Instagram bloggers. Influencers still have a great impact on various target audiences within the context of the everyday world. That is why affiliate marketing professionals shouldn’t ignore their power in the webspace. These media personalities can bring many customers to an online casino.
  3. Push notifications. It isn’t the easiest way to grow the number of casino players, more likely that it is a very challenging way. However, this type of traffic acquisition has proved to be both cost-efficient and delivering leads. It doesn’t require any maneuvers, rather the ​opposite – be honest and provide a casino’s potential customers with clear and direct information about the offer’s advantages.

Does free website traffic exist?

Yes, it does! Although paid methods usually pay back better, free channels can increase the traffic volume as well. Here are some examples of free website traffic sources:

  1. It is up to you whether to believe in organic traffic or not but it exists. SEO promotion of a gambling website can raise it in search engines’ results, which will lead to more players signing up. At the same time, SEO optimization also requires financial investments.
  2. Social networks. It requires much work to be done as advertisers will need to use a storytelling strategy to persuade web users that the casino can be profitable for them. Here they should focus on triggering certain players’ emotions and desires. In most cases, such ads interest people who search for entertainment, not for income.

Things to remember if you want to buy website traffic

 website traffic

Before buying website traffic, it is necessary to remember that there are lots of successful (and unsuccessful) cases where a media buyer can get experience and recommendations. You will never know anything for sure as testing is the best helper in this situation. Read these tips from experts, which will help you anyway:

  • Ad creatives play one of the most important roles.
  • Don’t be afraid of using unique approaches when it is necessary.
  • Different geo targets require different channels and offers.
  • Gambling ads are frequently blocked by almost all platforms but there is always a way out.

Delivering traffic to gambling websites is a challenge but an interesting task for affiliate marketing professionals. The world of web advertising is frequently changing but social networks, especially such emerging ones as TikTok, can become a valuable source of traffic not only in 2021 but in years ahead.

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Frequently asked questions

How to drive traffic to your website?

To drive traffic, use both paid and free tools.

How much traffic does a website get?

The volume of traffic depends on the website.

How to increase website traffic?

The best way to get more traffic is to advertise it.

How to check website traffic?

To check the website traffic, use the most popular tools, such as Alexa, for example.


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