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Casino Dealer Salary and Other Curious Details of the Profession

Author: Ivanna Shostak
15 January 2020, 16:15
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When we hear the word "casino", we imagine the flickering lights of Las Vegas, spinning roulette, a large number of people playing poker at a table. However, while for some, the gambling establishment is a kind of entertainment and a way to spend time, relax, for others, it is work.

Casino Dealer Salary and Other Curious Details of the Profession

Who are the casino dealers and what are their responsibilities?

At a gambling establishment, a casino dealer is a person who conducts diverse games such as poker, roulette, craps, blackjack, baccarat and others. The dealer is also required to maintain a conversation with the client, explain the rules of the game, and monitor the compliance with the rules of the casino by customers.

What is the average casino dealer salary?

In this part, we will provide exact information on how much do poker dealers make. First of all, it should be noted that when you just begin to work, you will have the minimum wage. In some gambling establishments, you will be paid approximately seven-eight dollars per hour. When you gain some experience, you will be paid about ten dollars per hour. According to the statistics, casino dealers receive 14,700 dollars a year. However, they frequently get tips. Taking into account this, casino card dealer salary with tips might increase up to sixty thousand dollars. Below, we will provide more information regarding the casino staff:

Poker dealer salary

On average, they earn approximately twenty thousand dollars.                            

Blackjack dealer salary

According to statistics, blackjack dealers’ salary is significantly higher than poker dealers’ one – it is near twenty-seven thousand dollars.

Casino host salary

The average casino hosts’ salary is twenty-one and a half thousand dollars.

Where is the highest card dealer salary?

Some of those who can boast of their high salaries are the card dealers working in the gambling establishments located in the US. The top three states with the highest salaries are New York (a little more than forty-three and a half thousand dollars), Massachusetts (near forty-three thousand dollars) and New Hampshire (about forty-two thousand dollars).

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What requirements must be met in order to get a job as a dealer?

Obviously, you need to evaluate your talents and skills. There is a certain set of requirements for the future dealer.

What requirements must be met in order to get a job as a dealer?

Firstly, you need to have math skills. Of course, no one will force you to calculate cube roots from a six-digit number but the ability to multiply vividly double-digit numbers in your mind will be essential.

Secondly, it would be good at least minimally to know foreign languages. True, this is more a tradition than a professional requirement. For further professional growth, a foreign language is also useful – a good dealer has a lot of chances to find a place at gambling establishments that are abroad.

Thirdly, your fingers' mobility is taken into account. A music school diploma in the piano is optional but if you had serious injuries to your hands that caused your fingers to lose mobility, you had better look at another area.

Besides, you need to have good looks and have no serious health problems. Moreover, the absence of tattoos and scars on the hands is extremely important. Good health and endurance are very useful since you must spend a lot of time at night working in a smoky room, having only a small break for lunch. Of course, do not forget that during this time, you will have to move a lot and count in the mind.

The fifth requirement is psychological stability. During the game, the dealer is in close psychological contact with the players. And when it comes to a large sum, not everyone is able to control the emotions. Therefore, the ability to maintain calm and confidence in any crisis situation is highly valued among the croupiers. Of course, skills come with experience but if you are not initially ready to withstand emotional pressure, it is better to try yourself in another field.

An additional requirement, obviously, will be artistry. Yes, the croupier’s work is akin to a theatrical performance. It depends on the dealer how the game will go, how people will feel at the playing tables, and ultimately the tip size. Despite the rather regulated dealer’s behavior at the gaming table, a real pro is able to turn a game with strict rules into a real show.

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What requirements must be met in order to get a job as a dealer?

What are the advantages of the profession of the dealer?

The first advantage is the salary of a casino dealer. This is perhaps the most basic. Whatever you say, casino workers get very good money (including tips). Almost everything is up to you here. The better you will do your job and the more responsible you will be, the faster you will be able to increase your income by raising your own category.

Secondly, this regards career prospects. The main thing here is to study. Strive to prove yourself and show that you are the best professional in this industry. In order to do this, you will need to do well in the training and apply the acquired knowledge in the process.

The third advantage is related to the features of this specialty. The dealer profession is good in that you can learn its basics in a few months. Compare with following: you usually need to study at least four-five years at a university to get a job, then work a few years occupying the lowest positions, gaining experience, after which, finally, you can apply for a more or less interesting job with a full salary while at the casino you will begin to work immediately after having the necessary pieces of training and passing exams. Thus, after a couple of months of work, if you do your best, you will become a professional in the gambling field!

Besides, the work itself is very interesting. You acquire a lot of new skills in games. Even if suddenly, having worked a little, you will understand that this is not your cup of tea, the skills will still remain.

Finally, your attitude to life will change. You will become more resilient and wise: learn to ignore troubles, rudeness and unjust reproaches in your address – the acquired toughness will protect your nerves and help you not to waste your time on trifles.

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Does the profession of the dealer have any drawbacks?

From first sight, it might seem that this profession is perfect, especially this regards the casino card dealer salary. However, it is not so. Like any other profession, it also has a number of disadvantages. The most obvious ones are:

Does the profession of the dealer have any drawbacks?

First of all, it is a crazy work schedule. You need to work approximately twelve hours, add to this the time required to put yourself and your uniform in order, open the playing tables in the evening, close them in the morning, listen to the managers’ requirements, plus the time during which you will get home. As a result, “legal twelve hours of work” turn into fourteen-fifteen. If you do not just work but also study, then the concept of “sleep” can simply be erased from your life.

The second drawback is the bad influence of the work on your health. Due to the insane schedule of work, your body begins to function only at night, and during the day, you sleep. As a result, you might face digestive problems. You also have to work mainly while standing on your feet, which leads to severe fatigue, swelling of the legs and varicose veins. Lack of lighting negatively affects your eyesight, and the constant presence of cigarette smoke around you affects your lungs.

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