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Bonus Hunting: Is It a Fraud?

Author: Rode Arteaga
6 September 2019, 12:56
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The term “bonus hunter” refers to a person who is looking for betting bonuses. These are the players who use bookmaker welcome bonuses (such as those launched by the domestic bookmaker “Olimp”), as well as online casino bonuses (abroad) for getting rich quickly.

Bonus Hunting: Is It a Fraud?

In this article you will find out how to catch a bonus hunter, whether it is worth trying to become one of them, and how to make money using bonuses.

General Information

Bonus hunting does not necessarily mean cheating. People who chase for bonuses just try to find a way to become rich quickly. Gambling operators establish their bonus systems to attract players, and they get what they want. It should be noted that one of the best virtual casino in terms of beneficial promotions is This gambling establishment provides its clients with numerous bonuses, which are not only pleasant, but also very useful in the early stages of games. Such bonuses make it possible to master the game and the rules, without significant loss of the money.

A bonus hunter uses free bets, spins, and account funds offered by the gambling site as an introductory incentive to get extra money.

This term applies not only to those who are trying to beat the system and use different strategies for that, but also to those who enjoy finding new offers and receiving all sorts of bonuses.

Bonus Hunters’ Tricks (Not Completely Legal)

As a rule, operators distribute a limited number of free “goodies” on their sites, therefore players should choose high-quality games and use all bonuses before withdrawing funds from their accounts. Very few casinos can boast as many interesting bonus systems as that of Novice players, as well as regular customers, receive various rewards for performing a variety of actions at this virtual casino.

Bonus hunters use different strategies trying to bend these rules. Thus, they prefer bets with higher probability of winnings in high-quality games in order to increase the odds of making profits and comply fully with the website’s requirements. If a user with multiple accounts gets caught for bonus hunting, then he is likely to be banned from the resource.  

Interesting Fact

As of 2019, bonus hunting is most commonly used in online casinos (comparing with other types of gambling).

Talking about sports betting, it is common that players use two bonuses of different bookmakers and choose a competitor on a draw principle. Any win overrides another account’s loss and consequently saves player’s money that will be used in another bet under the same pattern. Hence, you will always have an opportunity to bet again.

Bonus Hunters’ Tricks (Not Completely Legal)

But if you bend casino’s or bookmakers’ rules by fraud, this may have serious consequences. For example, when the operator spots a cheater with a plenty of accounts, of course, such player will not be allowed to gamble again on this website.

Types of Bonus Hunters

Bonus hunters differ from one another. Someone is looking for no deposit bonuses, while others are trying to hit the jackpot by getting a deposit bonus. Let's review the types of bonus hunters and determine the risks of bonus hunting activities.

1. Offender. This is a skilled player who uses both his money and the bonuses of a gambling site to play. Gambling establishments often create special bonuses dedicated to marketing campaigns or different important events. Usually, bonus hunters choose certain bookmakers, create dozens of accounts there, and play every day. But this leads to a situation when businessmen start losing their money due to conversion rate decrease caused by these players. Therefore, operators have to close their special bonus programs.

2. Typical Bonus Hunter. Such player spends a lot of time studying everything about bonus hunting and builds a strategy of how to get profits using this information. Trying to mitigate the losses, he spends both bonuses and his own money, which also enables the operator to cover its losses. With vast experience of how not to be caught by admins, a typical bonus hunter can easily pass any ID check.

Types of Bonus Hunters

He does not create multiple accounts, but is focused on making money on a single promotional offer. The most professional bonus hunters play in Europe (because of the large number of casinos). And though these players violate the rules, they manage to avoid blocking and firewalls.

3. Newbie. This type of bonus hunters is characterized by lack of experience. Such players create an account, receive a bonus, lose it and start over again without changing IP address or clearing cookies. Obviously, when this person wins and wants to make a withdrawal, he is banned for breaking the rules. In this case, nothing will help him to get this money, because the administration caught him using a shadow account.

Bonus Hunting Abroad

Most online casinos offer a subscription bonus for foreign players. Here, players are seeking for the 100% compliance of the deposit and registration bonus. Obligatory condition – no restrictions on the game. Also, wagering should be calculated tenfold. These players use betting tactics on both black and red, while complying with wagering requirements.

Hunting in Sports Betting

It is not easy to get profit from bonus hunting in sports betting. The bonuses for new clients there are small, and they are mainly accompanied by wagering requirements, which is why extra profit is extremely unlikely.

But also there is an advantage – the minimum probability of being identified by operator due to bonus hunters’ special strategies: they make big number of non-scale bets at different bookmaking companies. Another advantage is that their losses from the actual betting are minimal.  

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