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Blockchain Casino: Temporary Trend or New Industry Standard?

Author: Gambling Man
12 January 2021, 12:33
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With the development of the cryptocurrency sphere, the amount of economic spheres using its advantages has significantly grown. The gaming industry has taken blockchain advantages as well, including the ones aiming to solve several problems that online gaming is still facing.

Blockchain Casino: Temporary Trend or New Industry Standard?

What are the current challenges for online gaming?

It should be noted that everyone is experiencing problems: players, operators, regulators. In particular, players do not know about their chances of a successful bet since the casino does not provide information on the usage of certain methods providing the advantage over the player.

While the problem of the safety of saving the earned funds on the casino account, money withdrawal is an extremely slow procedure, blocking the account without explaining the reason is topical for the gamblers. In turn, operators complain that there are many casinos in the industry that cheat customers, thus creating a negative image for the entire industry. Such a situation drives away new customers.

At the same time, casinos use many fraudulent schemes to launder illicit funds. Because of this, casinos operating by the adopted legislation are constantly subject to regulators' verifications, causing huge fines even for the slightest inaccuracies in the reports.

Regulators experience problems as well. They have to spend a lot of time checking casinos, and there are no standard verification algorithms for everyone. In the overwhelming majority of cases, violations are recorded in operators' reports, in-game technology, and in user verification.

This results in the fact that regulators are forced to conduct investigations that can take months and bring no result. Regulators are not always successful in getting operators to comply with regulations and laws governing online gaming, and the laws themselves do not have clear interpretations.

In this situation, players bear the most significant risks since they are actually betting blindly. They can only assume that the casino will behave legally, and they will be able to withdraw their winnings from the account at any time without fear of blocking.

Blockchain Casino

Is it possible to solve the above problems? Yes. Bistox Games managed to do this. The casino has a completely transparent system of deposits and withdrawals, uses clear algorithms to generate random numbers determining game results. All algorithms have been audited by ItechLabs. This means that players can be confident that the random number generator works in a straightforward way, as players also contribute to the generation of random numbers.

The operator is not able to determine these numbers alone, and accordingly, change the result of the game in his favor. Each player can always check the percentage of return of the games and decide about playing this or that game afterward.

It is clear that any gambling brings a certain risk, and the casino always indicates this. In this case, the player is fully responsible for his actions. The platform contains all the data on rates, winners, games. Prizes can be received in cryptocurrency. New users are given a great 100% first deposit bonus!

Recently another update was made for the improvement of the casino operation of the casino and attracting new players. The update has been announced by the CEO & Founder of Bistox Holding Arut Nazaryan.

What's new

After recent casino updates, users got the possibility to use Bitcoin and Ethereum for payment.

  • The native BSX token of the BISTOX cryptocurrency exchange, the company's native virtual cryptocurrency, has become available for calculation.
  • Added more than 100 games from leading providers.
  • The updated site design. The interface has become more user-friendly.
  • The launched affiliate system.

casino Bitcoin

Another good news for the players. On the occasion of the platform update, they launched the company's largest giveaway BISTOX MONEY MARATHON. The prizes are the following:

  • three luxury cars: Corvette, Maserati, and Bentley;
  • MacBook Pro;
  • Playstation 5;
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max;
  • AirPods Pro;
  • Bistox Box;
  • cash prizes.

For participation in the event, be sure to browse the event page by clicking the “Participate” button. There you will see the tasks that need to be completed in order to become the proud owner of the prize. Most of the giveaways during the Marathon will take place on Instagram. Just register and play!

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