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Betting on Zero: Strategies to Win

Author: Rode Arteaga
22 November 2019, 17:28
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Roulette is one of the easiest and most widely used games in land-based gambling establishments. There are two main types of this game – European and American. The only difference – American roulette has an additional cell, which is a double zero. However, why is it possible to lose even if you place bets on every single number?

Betting on Zero: Strategies to Win

Roulette is considered the Queen of casino games. Its incredible popularity refers primarily to its simplicity compared with other games in casino industry. Besides, roulette fans often try to find out a certain scheme or pattern in order to increase the possibility of future gain. However, it is better not to get obsessed with the idea of finding out a perfect winning method, because there is none. It should be remembered: the game is just an entertaining activity, not a way of earning money. You will find more information about betting on zero and betting odds in different gambling establishments in the material bellow.

Some sources claim that roulette was created by Blaise Pascal – a famous scientist who had been working on the invention of perpetual motion. However, there is no evidence to prove this at present. What is known so far is that roulette was first mentioned in the second half of the 18th century. 

Having become very popular in the middle of the 19th century (thanks to the efforts of Blanc brothers to grow gambling business in Monte Carlo), the game continued to increase the number of its fans all over the world. Double zero first appeared when roulette was brought to America.

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Interesting Fact

Initially, American roulette contained a sector with an image of an eagle, and the quantity of numbers was usually less than 28.

The game has different subtypes: roulette with a triple wheel, mini roulette, pinball roulette, roulette without zero, and roulette with double and triple bonus spins, etc. However, comparing all the peculiarities that influence roulette, the most important one is the zero sector. This is the factor that provides the house edge. You should keep in mind that casinos are interested in larger profits that is why it is almost impossible for players to win in gambling establishments.  


Betting on Zero and Types of Roulette

As mentioned above, American roulette has an extra number – a double zero that increases the house edge in comparison with the European roulette (2.7% against 4%). The change of wheel structure makes it possible to make side bets including bets on zero.

“Magic” of Betting on Zero

The zero sector increases the number of cells in European and American roulettes by one and two respectively. If a player places a $1 bet on each sector, including “0” and “00”, their expenses will amount to $38. Eventually, a gambler will get the prize in proportion of 35 to 1 ($35 + $1 – initial bet); therefore, he wins $36. Nevertheless, losing is inevitable since the initial expenses were $38. And this is because of 2 additional sectors – “0” and “00”.

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Strategies of Winning

The simplest way of betting on zero is to look at this sector as any other sector with a number. If you place a bet, your betting odds will be 35 to 1 in case of winning (or about 2-3%).

Strategies of Winning

Another way to win (though it can be applied only to American roulette) is to bet on five cells at once. When betting on five numbers in a row, payouts in case of winning are 6 to 1. Your chance to win will be 13,16%, and these are the highest possible betting odds for players. In turn, the house edge will be 7,89%, which is the worst option for a casino.

To “close” both zero and double zero sectors, a player has to “block” the neighboring ones. Then the betting odds will be 17 to 1 and the house edge will remain standard. However, player’s chances to make a winning guess rise to 5%.

As mentioned earlier, the Spanish regulator has implemented a number of changes concerning the rules for gambling advertising.

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