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Bets on Greyhound Racing

Author: Rode Arteaga
13 November 2019, 10:26
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To date, this entertainment is very popular among fans of extreme sports thought it’s a highly controversial business. However, despite the ambivalent opinions, the demand for greyhound racing grows every year.

Bets on Greyhound Racing

If many centuries ago it was a simple rabbit/hare hunt, now it is a professional competition between hounds running for the artificial lure. In this sport, many players bet on greyhound online and receive income. Competition in football, boxing, and other popular sports is huge, while racing is not so popular.

What is Dog Racing?

This is a professional race competition between 6 hounds (mainly of Greyhound breed) chasing a mechanical target (usually a hare) on an oval track. With digital technology development and the emergence of betting companies, betting on a chosen participant has become possible without the personal presence of a bettor. All you need is a computer with Internet access.

How to Bet on Greyhound Racing Online?

In order to bet successfully, you have to gain insight into this sport and not rely solely on luck. The following steps are necessary for beginner bettor to start with:

  • learn about the history of this kind of sport;
  • analyze the statistics of the last 7-8 races’ participants;
  • determine the physical condition of different dogs and how it has changed throughout their participation in competitions;
  • define the types of training of different race participants.

Another important factor that will help the player to succeed is the correct choice of a bookmaker. Since this sport is not widely recognized, not all organizations offer a large range of rates. The bettor needs to choose the bookmaker, which provides an extensive range of interesting offers. Taking into account the above-proposed tips, the player will be able to understand how the dog racing betting works, make a relatively precise prediction of the competition’s further outcome and determine the favorites for himself.

How to Bet on Greyhound Racing Online?

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Features of Racing. Betting System

Unlike other sports competitions, greyhound racing is held all year round. Regardless of the season and climatic conditions, thrill-seekers have the opportunity to bet on their favorite. Despite the short duration of this spectacle that lasts from 4 to 10 minutes, bettors manage to experience the cascade of emotions in the hope of receiving the desired prize.

Competition Rules

Since the victory is determined by the finish line being crossed by the first animal’s nose, a photo finish has been used to define the winner. It is worth noting that the appearance of dogs plays an important role here. Each animal is dressed in a vest of a certain color: red, blue, white, black, orange and black with stripes. The distance and complexity of the track may vary, as they depend on the type of racing.

Types of Racing

  • A – the main type of greyhound racing, which provides for a distance of 380-520 m. It is divided into three classes, which are determined by the average speed of the animal:
  • Top Class (A1-A3) – approximately 61 km/h;
  • Middle Class (A4-A6) – 59-60 km/h;
  • Low Class (A7-A11) – about 58 km/h.
  • H and HS – types of dog competitions, which involve quick races with obstacles for short distances;
  • D – sprint race on tracks 200-300 m long;
  • IT – a type of sports for different hound breeds;
  • M, S, E –racing for a long distance (from 575 to 1080 m);
  • HP – specialized type of greyhound racing, which provides a small head start (advantage) for weak greyhounds;
  • OR – demonstration race;

Types of Racing

  • P – a type of races, providing for sports competitions among young participants;
  • EC – a type of races where coaches are competing to win. Their winnings are determined by the results shown by the dogs they train;
  • T – test runs for beginners;
  • A.G.S – traditional racing, which is held during the daytime or in the evening (much less frequent).

Dog racing betting is always a risk. There is a big chance that your bet fails. Not everyone can make good money on this sport. As a rule, these are real professionals with many years of experience and extensive knowledge in this field. Therefore, all beginner bettors who want to increase their chances are recommended to prepare well in advance and study all the details of this sport. Racing always requires a comprehensive strategy, taking into account the slightest nuances and exploring the main factors that directly affect the final results of the competition.

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