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BetGames.TV at ICE Africa 2019

Author: Gambling Man
15 October 2019, 12:57
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BetGames.TV is a global gaming operator with reach across the world, including a rapidly growing influence in Africa. The South African market has shown incredible progression over the past year.

BetGames.TV at ICE Africa 2019

The ICE Africa Exhibition 2019 held in Johannesburg last week highlighted the increased interest in their product ranges. The Exhibition also hyped about the upcoming launch (late October) of the operator’s latest product, Speedy 7 while also optimizing the revamped Dice Duel game, adding to an impressive product portfolio.

The South African arm of BetGames.TV has shown consistent market growth and an analysis of the numbers back up this assertion. The ICE Africa 2019 was a perfect opportunity for the company’s sales team to build up new clients in a burgeoning marketplace.

"We had a terrific time at the ICE Africa Exhibition, and we strongly believe that the South African market is one of the fastest growing in our stable … we strengthened relationships with clients, made some great connections, networked with current and potential new clients, and showcased BetGames.TV's many wonderful qualities and products. We are looking forward to another top-notch year in this beautiful country," said COO Aiste Garneviciene.

The Exhibition was a roaring success and the buzz, vibe and freshness of the operator’s live broadcasting betting model reinforced their strong credentials in an expanding South African gaming industry. The South African market is growing to such an extent that there are more than 50 professional, well-run and popular online betting platforms with the likes of Hollywood bets, Bet Tech, Aadvark, Turfsport Betway, Playbet, World of Sports bet, Sportingbet and Worldsportsbetting among the most well known in the country.

online betting platforms

These well-known online sports betting sites are clients of BetGames.TV and the figures and statistics show excellent growth in the SA market, opening the way to BetGames.TV becoming a widespread product in the country. The biggest client of BetGames.TV in South Africa is Hollywood bets and the numbers showing their increase in BetGames.TV product use is indicative of the many advantages of a strong presence in the country. The other platforms showed varied success, but with the late October launch of new game (Speedy 7) and another optimized (Dice Duel) allied with a successful ICE Africa Exhibition, means growth will accelerate.

The South African bet scene is made up of demographics across the spectrum, ranging from low income workers to the top income bracket, and this varied end-user scale provides BetGames.TV with access to one of the fastest-growing industries in Africa. BetGames.TV built in a subscription feature, based on data collated by loyalty to product, thus increasing comfort and usability for players.

A substantial portion of the people living in the country have access to a mobile phone and connectivity and this is reflected in the robust analysed numbers. The iGaming target markets in the country are constantly on the lookout for fresh, innovative and user-friendly experiences and BetGames.TV continues to deliver on all these fronts.  

The New Player count in South Africa in 2019 has grown steadily with an increase in percentage of players reported in seven of the nine months of the year (up to September) 2019. The data shows a significant increase (approximately 80%) in all variables, from player growth, market share and bets played. This substantial growth in 2019 will increase exponentially as more clients become tuned in to the products on offer at BetGames.TV and more players enjoy the benefits of live broadcast gaming and an abundant outcome-based model.

New Player

Each month, starting from January and up until September has seen a sharp rise in bets made on BetGames.TV starting in January and this increased every month, peaking at a substantial amount of bets by September.

Some of the more popular BetGames.TV products include the Lucky 7, Lucky 6 and Dice Duel. The optimized Dice Duel, which will offer games every 60 seconds, will increase volume by an estimated 186%, and the game could become one of the best-selling BetGames.TV products.

With the recently concluded ICE Africa Exhibit, a new game and an optimized Dice Duel, the growth of the South African market is expected to continue rising exponentially and 2020 promises to be another record year.

As mentioned earlier, the second edition of ICE Africa gathered under one roof delegates from twenty-nine African countries.

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