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Best Odds at Casino: What Games to Play and Where

Author: Gambling Man
19 November 2020, 16:29
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Casino entertainment is full of excitement and positive emotions, especially when you win big. Many players have a question: what games to play to have more winning chances? The answer to this question is available in the article.

Best Odds at Casino: What Games to Play and Where

According to the latest casino news, software developers create more and more products for the gambling industry. The majority of them are worth trying, but not all of them have high winning odds. Let’s make it clear what odds are, how to calculate them, and how they can help a player to become a regular winner.

What are the odds, and why are they so important?

First of all, it is necessary to explain what odds stand for in casino games. To make a long story short, odds are a gambler’s chances to win. They allow casino users to predict whether they will be able to win while playing at an online casino. Of course, skeptics may say that everything is based on the probability theory and they will be right to some extent. Although many casino products are mostly games of chance, players still can make a prognosis about their winning chances.

When you know the definition of the word “odds” in gambling, you can understand why they are super important for players. Usually, they are afraid of risks while playing at a casino. Gamblers don’t want to lose their money and, vice versa, want to grow their bankroll.

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Knowing the highest possible odds for a certain game allows users to find out about possible chances to win and lose. Moreover, players who aren’t confident in their gambling skills can choose only those casino products that have the highest odds. It doesn’t guarantee regular wins but increases chances to win.

How to calculate odds?

If everything is clear with odds, another question is how to calculate them. It is worth mentioning that odds for the majority of casino games are already available on the web. You can easily find them on many websites like – Spin4play dedicated to the gambling industry. However, if you trust only yourself and want to calculate them independently, be ready to use rather complicated mathematical formulas.

One of them is fractional odds. They are represented as two figures with a slash. For instance, if winning odds are 9/1, a one-dollar bet may result in a nine-dollar win.

best odds at casino

Another method is calculating the percentage. The formula will look like this: (%) = Y / (X+Y). Here is an example: 1 / (3 + 1) = 0.25. It means that there is a 25% probability that a player will win the game. You can also calculate odds by using decimal numbers. They are frequently used by bettors on many bookmaking websites. There is nothing difficult in this mathematical expression. The only thing a gambler needs to do is to multiply odds by a bet amount and then subtract the stake. For instance, winning odds are 9.0, and a bettor wagers 3 dollars. The expression will be: (9.0 * $3) – $3 = $24.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in calculating odds for games, when you have mathematical skills and are good at counting and figures. Otherwise, it may be complicated in some cases. Experienced casino players have several recommendations:

  • Choose nothing or double bets in roulette. In general, it is highly recommended to learn information about the meaning of numbers in a roulette wheel.
  • Be aware of the grind – the process of wagering too many times, which leads to negative consequences. Usually, inexperienced gamblers are prone to placing a big number of bets. As a result, they lose more money than they actually have. How to protect oneself from this? You should remember about such a notion as the house edge, which stands for a casino profit. In other words, it is the amount of money that a gambling venue gets when you gamble over time. Besides, information about gross gaming revenue may also be interesting for you.
  • Keep in mind that big jackpots have quite a high house edge.
  • Choose games with the best winning odds. What are they? The answer is provided below.

Top 5 games at casinos with best odds

Of course, the main problem is to choose a game at an online casino that offers players as many opportunities to win as possible. Although the majority of users prefer casino gambling because of its excitement and top-level entertainment, a victorious feeling is still very important.

Here is the selection of casino gaming products that provide the best odds.

best game odds at casino

“Blackjack is very scientific”

According to Charlie Ergen, an American entrepreneur, and billionaire, blackjack is the only casino game where players can apply a scientific approach. Well, his words are reasonable as this game is based on mathematics and strategy to some extent.

Blackjack’s winning coefficient is forty-nine percent, which is a pretty good opportunity to win. In addition to this, its major advantage is the simplicity of rules. Moreover, many gamblers say that it is the only game that you can really beat. If you don’t believe in this, it is better to test the game and make your conclusions. Anyway, blackjack players have a fair number of chances to win because, in the majority of casinos, a dealer’s profit is approximately one percent.

On a roll of the dice

Another game that provides high odds is craps. It is a dice-based game, which means that players can rely more on their luck. However, it doesn’t mean that, while playing craps, gamblers have a little chance of success. To be a winner in this game, you should follow one simple rule: place not very specific bets because your odds will decrease. At the same time, such bets often allow players to get bigger payouts.

Roulette – a little wheel with enormous winning opportunities

Speaking about odds for roulette, it is worth mentioning that, like in craps, bigger payouts mean smaller winning odds. The general betting principles for the best outcome are as easy as ABC:

  • Stake on whether a ball will land on a black or red area.
  • Place a bet not only on the color but also on a certain number. As has been mentioned above, this will considerably increase your payouts if you win but minimizes your odds.

The usage of one of these two methods provides you with a fifty-percent guaranty that you will win.

Pai Gow poker – when you want something new

games at casinos with best odds

With the house edge of approximately 2.5%, Pai Gow poker is a perfect option to try when you want to play a new poker variation and win more. The game’s concept is interesting and unusual: you play dominoes but with cards. Players who often gamble at virtual casinos confirm that Pai Gow can compete with roulette and craps in terms of wins frequency.

Slot machines as the most popular casino product nowadays

The popularity of online slots exceeds all expectations as these games attract users by their variety, high quality of graphics, and extensive selection of game plots. That is why slots are available on any gambling platform, but it is better to know what game to choose.

Obviously, slot machines don’t lead the list of games with the highest odds. However, some of them have really impressive RTP. Here are gamblers’ top picks:

  • Ugga Bugga – RTP = 99.07%;
  • Mega Joker – RTP = 99%;
  • Jackpot 6000 – RTP = 98.86%.

Best game odds at a casino: what platform to choose?

When everything is clear in the games with the best odds, another important question is how to choose a gambling platform with all features necessary for a convenient gaming process. An online casino can have a lot of advantages, but its reliability is always a priority. A safe and licensed gambling platform will provide only fair results in games because they depend on a random number generator. It is very important as casino owners don’t have access to results, and it means that they can’t influence them.

So, how to choose a secure casino website? First of all, you should visit Spin4play. It is a service that provides honest reviews of online gambling platforms where you can find up-to-date information. Players can get the ranking of casinos, which is updated constantly on the Spin4play website. It will help them to get a clear picture of the gambling market and find out about amazing services, which have only positive feedback from users.

At the current time, you will see these websites in the ranking:

  • Mr Bit;
  • Frank Casino;
  • Drift Casino;
  • Columbus;
  • BitStarz;
  • etc.

best odds at casino

If these gambling platforms are included in Spin4play's list of perfect casinos, you can visit them, create an account there, and enjoy playing the games with the highest winning odds.


Moreover, in addition to useful information about digital casinos, Spin4play offers its users valuable data about the most lucrative bonuses, available demo versions of the most popular games (where you can play without real money), news about the gambling industry for those who want to stay tuned for more events.

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Frequently asked questions

What game has the best odds at a casino?

Blackjack provides players with the best odds.

What are the best odds at a casino?

The house edge of one percent, for instance, in blackjack.

What table game has the best odds at a casino?

They are blackjack, roulette, and craps.


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