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Basic Casino Game Settings: The Review from Casino Market Experts

Author: Gambling Man
11 August 2020, 14:19
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Online slots are the most popular casino entertainments. Both players and operators have the opportunity to customize the settings of any game to make the gameplay more comfortable. Besides, proper changes will allow website owners to increase their profits significantly.

Basic Casino Game Settings: The Review from Casino Market Experts

Consider the basic settings of online casino games with a detailed description from Casino Market experts.

The main types of settings

The changes can be performed by:

  • developers;
  • operators;
  • players.

It is worth noting that gamblers and operators can make only minor adjustments to the work of finished slot machines. The basic settings are performed during the phase of casino software development.

The entrepreneur should provide his or her requirements to the programmers working on the project, and they will introduce them into a new product or change the ready-made slot according to these instructions.

Settings available to players

Each gamer has his or her own preferences. Therefore, manufacturers provide the possibility to adjust any game.

  1. Configuring the interface. Some games have functions allowing to turn off the musical accompaniment, adjust the volume, skip an intro, etc.
  2. Features of the gameplay. Another category of settings relates to such parameters as the number of paylines and available game modes.
  3. The amount of the bet. It should be noted that setting maximum and minimum bet amounts is the responsibility of the operators. At the same time, players can choose any convenient sum within these limits.
  4. Free game. Gaming website owners often provide gamers with the opportunity to play free variations of popular games. As a rule, they have a smaller number of possibilities. However, such games allow users to try their hand at playing new slots or just have fun without financial risks. Any gambler can choose the desired game format (free or paid) independently.

Adjustments performed by operators

As usual, operators deal with settings related to various financial issues, for example:

Casino Game

  1. Setting limits. Based on the statistical researchers, the medium size of a bet is an ideal option for both players and entrepreneurs. That is why businessmen prefer to set not too small amounts.
  2. Selecting the exchange rate. If your project is aimed at players from different countries, you can choose the necessary currencies and adjust the conversion rate. It should not differ much from the exchange rate of banking institutions.
  3. Choosing bonus options. Operators can expand bonus opportunities. For example, entrepreneurs often try to attract customers with the help of free spins or win multipliers.

Game modes

There are two main formats for playing online slots — automatic and manual. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of each option.

Game format



Manual mode

This game format allows players to control every spin. This approach can create a feeling of playing in a real gambling establishment.

As a result, a gambler experiences positive emotion and wants to visit an online casino again.

When playing in this mode, users avoid risky, large bets.

Also, they make fewer spins. Undoubtedly, this fact will affect the income of operators.

Auto mode

This mode allows gamblers to relax and get distracted from the gameplay.

Thus, a player makes more spins. This is an undeniable advantage for operators.

The absence of direct participation of a gamer in the process of spinning the reel affects the emotional component of the game.

Therefore, gamblers may lose their interest in an online casino.

The main things about casino game settings

Correct settings of casino games can let each player create comfortable conditions. Moreover, proper adjustments will allow operators to increase the profitability of their projects significantly.

The main casino game settings are characterized by the following criteria:

online casino

  • interface customization;
  • adjustment of financial parameters (bet limits, exchange rates);
  • expansion of bonus features;
  • game format selection (free and real money games);
  • choosing game mode (automatic or manual).

If you are interested in specifics of casino game settings, please contact Casino Market. The team of this brand is ready to provide a lot of useful information on this issue. The company has been working in the field of online casino game development for many years. Casino Market experts are ready to create unique slots taking into account the wishes of each client.

Do you have some questions? Contact Casino Market managers:

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