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All Online Casino Websites Banned in Thailand: True or Not?

Author: Gambling Man
20 October 2020, 10:37
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While some countries do their best to help the gambling industry develop, others find this business rather controversial. For example, the governors of Thailand. This place is more famous for its resorts, not for the casinos. So yes, the gambling establishments are banned (only the real-life ones).

All Online Casino Websites Banned in Thailand: True or Not?

But as for online casinos, things aren't as clear-cut. So this option is almost the only way for Thailand players to feel the risky excitement. For example, the site is a legal way to place a bet from any country as it’s working under the license and isn’t located in this country. 

Well, what’s exactly going on in Thailand and what’s the way out for its citizens?

Real-Life Gambling Establishments

As for this kind of gambling entertainment, it’s completely prohibited here. The only legal ways are a state lottery and betting on horses. The thing is that people can play cards or something of that kind until they start placing real money stakes. As soon as this pastime turns into playing for money, it starts to be illegal. And if the governors find out even about friends playing for money, the owner of the house where this activity takes place will be fined.

Of course, it’s not about the policemen kicking inside the houses. In practice, the problems take place when somebody «rats» on the house’s owner. Besides, this process needs serious evidence. So this law is more about big gambling houses and clandestine business. While playing online at home won’t be a crime. 

The Reasons for Restrictions

This law is not new, so it dates back to the Gambling Act 1935. Beforehand, Thais used to play more than 100 casino games. But the Government of Thailand decided to change it. King Rama V prohibited gambling in 1917. Then Khuang Aphaiwong decided to legalise it in Pran Buri District. But the attack from the media forced the governors to abandon the idea. Besides, this activity is considered to be a sin in Buddhism. So real-life establishments will hardly appear on the streets of this country. Same cannot be said for the online projects. 

An Option for Thailand Players

When one door closes, another one opens. Of course, risk lovers can travel and place bets in other countries, but that’s quite inconvenient and rather expensive. That’s why players find it even more comfortable to play at home - no need to visit a real establishment, the range of online platforms is bigger as well as a number of games. How does it work and why is it a good option?

Online Casinos

Online Casinos as an Option

Thailand players can forget about restrictions for a while. Moreover, it’s much easier to play online. What should Thais do:

  • get registered at the online casino;
  • fill in the personal data and confirm it (phone/email, personal information);
  • make a deposit or select the demo mode;
  • start playing slots.

The games are various, while the rules are mostly common. Besides, the support is available 24/7 - players will never be alone. 

How to Play Safely

The industry is big, so it’s important to remember several rules while playing at the online casino.

  1. Select only licensed casinos like the recommended SlotV.
  2. Remember about the rules - only full age users can play.
  3. Don’t forget about responsible gaming - self-control is always important.
  4. Select the games with high RTP like Big Bad Wolf with 97,34%.
  5. Never send contact and entrance details to the third parties. 
  6. Check the payment limits and make sure that convenient for you payment methods are available on the site.

The gadgets players use don’t matter - phones and PCs will do. Access to the web is all users need. 

Though strict rules set certain limits for gamblers, online industry helps to sweeten the pot. Not only for Thailand players, but for casino customers all over the world. When users play responsible and don’t forget about self-control, of course.

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