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Alexander Ovechkin - Hockey Player’s Success

Author: Rode Arteaga
23 December 2019, 10:06
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Last season, Alexander Ovechkin achieved the main success with his team by winning the Stanley Cup. At the same time, Alexander is the first Russian hockey player who achieved such a result as a team captain. Login Casino has prepared material about one of the most recognizable and talented Russian athletes.

Alexander Ovechkin - Hockey Player’s Success

Biography of Alexander Ovechkin: Early Years

If you look at his parents’ achievements, you may get the impression that little Alexander simply had no choice but to become an athlete. From an early age, Ovechkin’s life was filled with sports. His mother was a Dynamo Moscow basketball team player, as well as a six-time European champion, twice Olympic medalist, and world champion in the USSR national basketball team.

Alexander’s father also was a professional athlete. He spent his entire career in Dynamo Moscow (football team). Subsequently, both parents became coaches. This devotion to the club passed on to Ovechkin Jr., who began his hockey career also at Dynamo Moscow, and repeatedly said that he was FC Dynamo Moscow’s fan.

Despite his love of sports, Alexander came into hockey rather late (at the age of eight), but with firm confidence that he would become a professional player. Most of his peers had already been training for several years, but this did not stop Ovechkin. All relatives supported the future legend, although they were worried about his health since this sport is very traumatic.

Alexander continued his play at Dynamo Moscow, where at the age of 16 he debuted in the adult team. During the four seasons spent in the Russian club, Ovechkin played 151 games, scored 36 goals and made 33 assists, having won the World Championship with the Russian national team under the age of 20.

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Alexander Ovechkin – Transition to the NHL

Interesting Fact

Ovechkin won the World Championship three times with the Russian national team (2008, 2012, and 2014) and became its youngest scorer.

Talented players have always been valued in the USA, so Alexander Ovechkin’s transition to the NHL was a matter of time. Having failed to become a member of the Florida hockey team because of age in 2003, a year later he signed a contract with the Washington Capitals, which has become his home for many years. In the first match for the Capitals, Alexander scored twice, and the very next year the hockey player joined the NHL All-Star Game for the first time.

Alexander Ovechkin – Transition to the NHL

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In 2008, Ovi (as he is called in the West) first received the Maurice Richard Trophy, which is awarded to the best sniper of the regular season. Subsequently, the Russian has received this award six more times, thereby setting a record. The closest pursuers received this prize only twice.

Captaincy and the Long-Awaited Stanley Cup

Alexander Ovechkin regularly received individual awards and was included in the Dream Team of different tournaments. Since 2010, he has become the Caps captain but has not won many trophies with the club. The Washington Capitals won the Presidential Cup three times, but the main trophy seemed to be unattainable. The club’s management often changed coaches, and the forward began to be criticized by journalists for individualism and unwillingness to be a team player.

However, everything has changed since Barry Trotz became the coach of the team. Under his guidance, Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup last season for the first time in its history. Experts noted that in that season the 33-year-old hockey player showed his best qualities. As a result, this was reflected in individual awards. Alexander received the Conn Smythe Trophy, awarded to the best playoff player.

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Ovechkin's Statistics in the Washington Capitals

As the Capitals’ player, Alexander Ovechkin spent 1124 games, scored 668 goals and made 571 assists. Ovi is a club record holder in the number of matches played, as well as in the number of goals, points, and hat-tricks scored. The Great Eight is a living legend of the club, and he is not going to rest on his laurels.

Ovechkin’s Family Life: Wife and Child

After two years of relations with the model Anastasia Shubskaya, the couple got married in 2017. His wife is the daughter of actress Vera Glagoleva (the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation) and businessman Kirill Shubsky. A couple of months after winning the long-awaited Stanley Cup, Ovechkin's wife gave birth to their son, whom the couple named Sergei.

Ovechkin’s Family Life: Wife and Child

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In the new season, Washington Capitals lost Barry Trotz, and his place was taken by Todd Rearden. The club has not yet found a stable game, but Alexander continues to regularly benefit the team, where he has already been playing for 13 seasons. To a journalist’s request to give advice to young athletes, Ovi replied: “You need to have a goal in front of your eyes and strive to achieve it. Know what you want, go to your goal and do not ask permission for it. ”

Alexander Ovechkin is one of the brightest hockey players of our time, he is an example of a player who had chosen his goal in the very childhood and systematically went towards it.

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