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Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Casino VIP Player

Author: Rode Arteaga
15 January 2020, 10:30
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In order to stand out, retain old players and attract new ones, gambling establishments develop various incentive schemes. As a rule, these are bonus programs, motivating “buns”, privileges for regular customers, etc. VIP status is one of these motivational reward methods, and players have to understand this.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Casino VIP Player

Today, the number of land-based and online gambling establishments is constantly increasing. This is due to the undeniable benefits this business brings to its owner.

Casino for VIP players is one of the most effective ways to retain high rollers in a gaming house. VIP status in both land-based and online gambling establishments implies a number of incentive privileges. Operators offer the gambler access to the advanced opportunities that are unavailable for other casino users and inform him about it, thereby making it clear that he is privileged. In particular, this scheme is used for customers of those objects that also have online gambling resources.

Therefore, if you are a VIP player you need to be especially focused on the game.

About Privileges

Each online gambling platform is aimed at attracting as many gamblers as possible, especially high rollers. Despite the fact that online platforms are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation, they still seek to enter this market, breaking the law and trying to attract players. That is why online casinos are constantly working on the bonus system improvement for both VIP casino players and regular users.

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Emphasis on Exclusiveness

The first thing that attracts new high rollers to the gambling site is exclusive bonus conditions. By receiving such an offer, a major player understands his significance compared to usual gamblers. Therefore, it makes him spend more money.

As mentioned above, each online casino bonus system for VIP players provides its own conditions. How are such players lured? These can be, for example, promotional programs, bonus points for a bet, no deposit and welcome bonuses, etc. Some operators even develop personal bonus offers for their valuable customers.

Closed Tournaments and Gambling Events

Closed Tournaments and Gambling Events

A common practice among online gambling sites is the organization of various VIP-tournaments. Only those players who have individual invitations are able to participate in them.

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Personal Customer Support

VIP casino players even have their personal customer support, as well as an increased level of maintenance. Thus, the process of withdrawing funds and solving any other service issues will be carried out as quickly as possible. Such a player can be informed about this in advance in order to remind him once again about his significance for the establishment.

Privileges for VIP Players in Land-Based Casinos

Bonus programs for VIP users in land-based gambling houses are very similar to those offered in online casinos.

VIP membership has the following statuses:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Premier Club

Each of these statuses has its own requirements. So, the basic ones – bronze and silver – are given after registering on the site or after making the first large deposit (€3000-5000). Depending on the reputation earned in a gambling establishment, the VIP casino player status can change over time, respectively, accompanied by special privileges, up to free accommodation at hotels in luxury apartments, personal tables, etc.

As mentioned earlier, the government of Latvia is considering the option of imposing bigger taxes on land-based gambling establishments.

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