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A Roulette Wheel Numbers, Mechanism, Table Layouts, and All You Need to Know

Author: Catherine Lysenko
28 February 2020, 15:20
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A roulette wheel is always associated with a casino, Las Vegas and gambling. It is also tightly connected with the symbol of fortune, luck, wealth and excitement. Actually, a roulette wheel is only a tool in the game. However, one can’t undervalue its significant function in casinos.

A Roulette Wheel – Numbers, Mechanism, Table Layouts, and All You Need to Know About It

According to the historical facts, Blaise Pascal created a roulette wheel when he was working on a legendary hypothetical perpetual motion machine in the seventeenth century. Later, a wheel was firstly used in French casinos and, after this, the mechanism became a significant part of the gambling world. Info about the latest changes in the European gambling policy is here.

Interesting facts about a roulette table, a wheel layout, and numbers

As for the roulette wheel numbering, it may seem surprising but it isn’t a fixed number. Depending on a game you play, the number can change. Wheel’s colors are the only thing that never changes – black, red and green. An interesting question: why were these colors chosen for roulette? Referencing the casino history, these colors came from a French card deck. The American type of wheel has two green places, and the European wheel – one. Green places are additional colors and they are used for representing zero and two-zero pockets.

Red and black colors alternate each other. The placement of high and low numbers through a roulette wheel is dependent on a wheel type. In the European roulette, they have the next but one arrangement. Only such numbers as 5 and 10 are an exception from the rule. In the American wheel type, their order is more chaotic.

If you are an expert in a roulette wheel, you have probably heard about such a number as 21. It is used mostly by blackjack players. However, many people often assign some mystical meaning to the number. Maybe this article will become a revelation for you because there isn’t any mysticism in 21. Math lovers probably know that it is just Fibonacci number which is included in a special sequence.

Roulette Wheel

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Is it possible to predict numbers while playing roulette? No, it isn’t! Even don’t try because it’s impossible. Roulette is fully based on randomness. For instance, online casino roulettes apply random number generators allowing them to unsystematically choose numbers. Moreover, generators are frequently checked by inspectors who confirm that they are absolutely fair. Some experienced gamblers say that casino dealers can make wheel spins predictable but it is very difficult anyways. At the same time, they can’t influence a wheel in order to select or avoid a certain number.

The anatomy of the roulette bets

The roulette numbers are closely connected with bets and it will be useful to consider their most common types in the game. They are inside and outside. Inside bets fall into the following subtypes:

Bet Name

Bet Description


It’s the most popular type of bet among gamblers. A player puts a chip on a common line located between two numbers of a wheel. If there is a winning number, the profit is seventeen to one.


A gambler puts a chip on a 3-number row and it should cross the line. The winning number guarantees a profit of eleven to one.

Double Street

The bet is based on two lines separating 3 numbers. The winning’s worth is five to one.


This type is as simple as ABC – a player chooses only one number to bet. The payoff is thirty-five to one.


You put a chip on a zero, one and two in the European type. If you play the American roulette, use double zero, two and three.


A gambler places stakes on 4 numbers, creating a square. The payout profit here is 8 to one.


This type is applicable only for the American game type. A gambler places bets on a zero or a double-zero field together with 1-3 fields. The bet’s profit is six to one.

Similar to the above-mentioned bets, outside bets also have several types. Find this information in the table below:

Bet Name

Bet Description


A gambler stakes on a color – whether a ball will hit a red or a black field. In case he or she guesses a color right, the payoff is one to one.

Dozen Bet

Choose one of 3 rows with dozen integers. The payout is 2 to one.

Snake Bet

This type requires strategy and logical thinking, as a gambler puts chips on numbers to make an S symbol out of them. The profit is two to one.

One to Eighteen, or Nineteen to Thirty-Six

This wager type with one to one payout requires that a gambler should put chips on 1 to eighteen or 19 to thirty-six.


By reference to the wager’s name, a player stakes on evens or odds. In case of the win, he or she gets the payout of one to one.

Column Bet

Choose any of 3 columns to stake on. If a column wins, you get the two to one payout.

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Roulette Table

Full information about the American roulette wheel numbers

Firstly, it is necessary to mention that the American type has thirty-eight fields and two green pockets. Eighteen pockets are colored black, the others are red. This type of a roulette wheel has the following order: zero, twenty-eight, nine, twenty-six, thirty, eleven, seven, twenty, thirty-two, seventeen, five, twenty-two, thirty-four, fifteen, three, twenty-four, thirty-six, thirteen, one, two zeros, twenty-seven, ten, twenty-five, twenty-nine, twelve, eight, nineteen, thirty-one, eighteen, six, twenty-one, thirty-three, sixteen, four, twenty-three, thirty-five, fourteen, two. Green zero-fields are located on different sides of a roulette wheel.

Full information about the European roulette wheel numbers

The European roulette wheel is more popular among casino gamblers. It contains 37 pockets, including a green one. A common casino profit for this wheel is two and seven percent. The numbers follow the certain order: zero, 32, fifteen, nineteen, four, 21, two, 25, seventeen, 34, six, 27, thirteen, 36, eleven, thirty, eight, 23, ten, five, 24, sixteen, 33, one, twenty, fourteen, 31, nine, 22, eighteen, 29, seven, 28, twelve, 35, three, 26.

The European game type has a very similar derivation – the French roulette. Its order repeats the European one. However, the most important distinction between these two variants is that gamblers have the opportunity to get almost half of their bet if zero is a winning number. It means that its casino benefit is less – 1,35%.

How does a wheel mechanism work?

roulette wheel numbers

It is predictable that people who call themselves gamblers are usually interested not only in common information about roulette games but in its wheel functioning as well. Besides, see the best casino rating 2020 here, if you like to spend time in casinos.

So, how does everything work?

A common gambling roulette wheel, used in classic casinos, should follow a set of technical requirements to be approved. First of all, a wheel should have proper form and weight. The next thing is that it is always made of non-magnetic materials. Nowadays inventors presented a lot of various patents for innovative wheel technologies. Some developments are connected with speed. Casino services providers are very picky about wheels. If wheel vendors seem unreliable, they can substitute a wheel with another one. It is allowed to use details of a roulette wheel from different vendors.

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Frequently asked questions

What number hits the most in roulette?

Their occurrence in the game is totally random. Surely, you can notice some frequently appearing numbers while playing. However, it doesn’t make the process systematic.

What do the total numbers on a roulette wheel add up to?

After summing up a wheel’s numbers, you will see 666. Many people are sure that it has reference to satan but it is only a superstition.

How many numbers are on a roulette wheel?

As it is stated above, the American type includes 38 numbers, while the European one – 37.

What's the highest number on a roulette wheel?

36 is the biggest possible number in both types of gambling wheel.

Why do the numbers on a roulette wheel add up to 666?

This number has a historical background. Experts distinguish several theories connected with 666. One of them is that the Chinese man created a spinning wheel with animal portraits and no numbers. Another legend ran about Blanc, who introduced roulette to gamblers and gave his soul to satan to get hold of the secret of roulette. However, math-based reasons are a better explanation for the 666 number in the game.


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