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7 Best Casinos in the World

Author: Gambling Man
8 October 2020, 09:37
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Casinos are a very popular type of entertainment among people all around the world, and, since some players prefer land-based gambling establishments to online platforms, their popularity has increased significantly.

7 Best Casinos in the World

Almost every city or country, where it is legally allowed, has land-based casinos, which are must-visit. Usually, their interiors, exteriors, restaurants, and lounge zones impress guests, as they are luxurious and nice-looking. That is why casino entertainment can attract not only professional or recreational players but also people who just want to try something new or have a pleasant evening in a beautiful place.

If you like to gamble and travel and want to combine these two types of leisure activities, look at the list of the top casinos located in various places around the world. We have gathered the information about them as well as feedback from visitors, which has helped us to provide you with a clear picture of all casinos’ advantages and peculiarities.

List of top gambling establishments

A perfect gambling venue should be both a well-designed place to spend time and a well-equipped casino with a wide selection of games. It isn’t a secret that casino guests often visit cocktail lounges or even have dinner there. The majority of gambling establishments create a space that includes several gambling halls as well as restaurants, cafes, lounge zones, hotel rooms, etc.

Here is the list of highly-rated casino venues that are extremely popular among players. They combine all important aspects that make a gambling establishment the number one choice for a player.

Bellagio, Las Vegas, United States

Best Casino

The city of Las Vegas is popular for its casinos, gambling venues, hotels, and nightlife, and Bellagio Casino there is distinguished for its elegance and grandeur. It is famous for its high-rewarding games and poker rooms, where one can win a massive jackpot of $2 million. The casino has 2300 slots, 40 poker tables, and other types of gambling entertainment to provide you the best experience in gaming. It also provides a variety of luxurious rewards for its lifetime members. One can enjoy staying at its luxurious hotel and try tasty foods available there.

Venetian, Macau

Best Casinos

Macau is another country famous for its gambling industry with beautifully designed casinos that portray Chinese culture. The casino has 4 major gaming areas, which spread across a wide area of 530 000 square feet. The casino features 3400 slot machines, 500 gaming tables. The 39-storied building makes it the second-largest casino in the world, and one of the tallest buildings in Asia. Premium members get the membership of its Piaza club, which offers private gaming rooms themed according to seven beautiful cities of Asia.

Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, United States

Best Casinos in the World

Caesar’s Palace is another popular and grand casino in Las Vegas, which is built according to the Roman-style palace of the Great Julius Caesar. Like its building, the experience that the guests have here is glorious too. Its gaming slots provide a grand opportunity for players to win more than $1 000 000, and one can enjoy its poker rooms made for both recreational and seasoned players. Gamblers can bet on horse racing and other sports while sitting in its large online betting area too.

The Empire, London, UK

Best Casino in the World

The Empire is one of those casinos, which have established themselves in a very short period. It has two gaming floors, featuring more than 500 gaming slots with special places for blackjack, roulette, and other popular games. The casino offers an opportunity to play poker and is famous for its bar and Asian restaurant as well. It is considered the best casino in England.

Sun City Resort, Rustenburg, South Africa


The Sun City Resort’s casino is undoubtedly worth being included in the list of the top 7 casinos in the world due to its large gaming space of 125 000 square feet, around 1000 slots, 35 tables, and other gaming opportunities present there. Its premier members can enjoy private tables and access to VIP gaming.

Casino Baden-Baden, Germany

World Casino

Our list is incomplete without mentioning the casino Baden-Baden in Germany, which has been built in 1824 and provides the best opportunities for classic gaming like roulette, poker, and blackjack. The casino provides the luxury of gambling through online games as well.

WinStar World Casino, Oklahoma, United States

Casino World

WinStar is one of the largest casinos in the world with a playing area of 500 000 square feet. Having 6700 slots for gaming, 46 tables for poker, a large bingo hall, and an off-track horse betting point, it rivals the other best casinos in the world. Moreover, one can enjoy visiting the other eight Winstar’s venues in Paris, Beijing, Madrid, New York, Cairo, Vienna, and Rome.

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