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5 Tips on How to Become a Professional Gamer

Author: Gambling Man
30 April 2021, 15:11
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Are you sick of deadlines, protocols, and clocking in? Does your current job amount to sleepless nights and insufficient amounts to meet your expenses? Then, here is a career that gets rid of all that. With the internet now readily accessible, playing games has never been more lucrative. Whether you sign up for an online casino or race the latest prototype car, you can make serious bank with each session.

5 Tips on How to Become a Professional Gamer

Gaming is now a viable career. There are several tournaments that you can participate in and win rewards in excess of hundreds of thousands. However, there are specific requirements to fulfill before you start smiling your way to the bank. Here are your top 5 tips on how to become a professional gamer.

Choose your niche

There are several platforms where you can start your gaming career. Currently, three mediums offer you the best returns. You can choose to specialize in consoles, personal computers, or mobile. Regardless of your choice, there are plenty of games available on either platform. For example, Jann Mardenborough is a former champion of the GT academy who is now a professional race driver. GT Academy was a joint project of Nissan and Sony Interactive Entertainment, where players compete in the game Gran Turismo to earn a place in Nissan’s pro racing team.

Upon winning the competition, Nissan enrolls you in their driver development program and then lists you as one of their racing team’s drivers upon completion. Some of the real-world races you can participate in include the Dubai 24-hour race and 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Before embarking on a professional gaming career, you need to choose a suitable genre for you. Once you make your selection, you can then proceed to the next step.

Get the right equipment

Now that you have your gaming genre in order, you need to suit up for the role. Having the right equipment is also essential. After all, even Tiger Woods owns a set of golf clubs that he can use at the local golf course. Similarly, you also need to invest in some decent equipment to level the playing field. Aside from the gaming medium, here are the things you should also consider having.

Internet casino

Internet access

Mobile, console, or computer, having internet access is a necessity. How else are people going to know you have skin in the game? Having an online presence is critical as you can find out all the tournaments available and link up with enthusiasts in the same genre. Here, you can practice and hone your skills to be a worthy competitor to the millions that enroll in these competitions annually.

Furthermore, there are plenty of how-to guides and walkthroughs that will be beneficial in your skill development. Platforms such as YouTube and Twitch are your best bets to get the latest from the gaming world.

High-quality audio devices

You need to communicate with fellow gamers when doing it professionally. Most of the tournaments are team events, and either party has to have a clear way to communicate. For example, when using a computer as your gaming medium, an external microphone and camera are essential. Some of the custom devices are not up to par to fulfill your gaming requirements.

Regular practice

Your current handwriting is not what it was when you were three, right? Similarly, you need to practice regularly to become a pro at your craft. The tutorial you get when playing a new game is essential to help you reach the goal. Therefore, regular practice is the only way you can acquire the skill level necessary for tournaments.

Always seek help

Professional gaming is over a decade old. Therefore, there have been exceptional players before you. As you start on this lucrative venture, it will be worthwhile to seek the consult of others who excel in the craft. Look for forums where other gamers in your genre share insights on effective gameplay. Only then can you deem yourself tournament worthy.

Professional gaming

Start small

No one will fault you for being ambitious. However, you need to start from the basics before going all-out professional. There are many local gaming tournaments where you can test your might against fellow players. As you continue winning, your profile becomes larger, and soon you will start receiving calls from other established teams.


If you are looking for a fun and lucrative career, then gaming is your best option. With regular nine to fives becoming scarce, it is time to make your hobby a money-making enterprise. By following the above steps, you will be well on your way to the big leagues.

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