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5 Myths About eSports

Author: Rode Arteaga
14 November 2019, 11:59
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Gamers often have to explain what they are so passionate about. Nikita Bokarev, who played Counter-Strike on a professional level in the past, today manages and owns the well-known eSports club forZe, as well as occupies the position of the Mail.Ru Creative Producer (with a focus on video games). In this article, he dispels the top 5 myths regarding eSports.

5 Myths About eSports

Myth 1: eSports improves reflexes

In fact, video games can be compared to chess, where each participant has the same starting positions and conditions. That is why eSports refers to an intellectual sport, where players have to make the brainwork by analyzing the situation and making quick decisions.

Myth 2: It is better to choose education over eSports

Nikita Bokarev advises to properly plan your day by allocating time for education and conduct of household affairs. In the early 2000s, he had to combine both these activities with eSports and became quite successful in that. People who give preference to a professional career do the right thing as well. Bokarev also dispels the myth that esportsman’s career ends at the age of twenty. Everyone knows that two members of the world’s best Counter Strike team for the last year were champions in 2003, and today each of them is more than thirty years old.

Myth 3: Playing football in the yard is better than playing computer games

Physical training is necessary for achieving good results in eSports. Every participant of a large-scale competition must play at least ten matches in a row. Thus, it makes sense to train in the gym and follow a healthy diet to increase stamina.

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Myth 4: eSports affects vision

Myth 4: eSports affects vision

Nikita says that eSports players are more likely to get a job in related industries than people involved in usual sports. Gamers are usually well acquainted with the computer configuration and the necessary programs, which help them to increase the level of comfort during the game process. It is also important that eSports helps players to develop their leadership and management skills. Many players were able to take up key posts in domestic IT companies.

Nikita recalls the success of the GT Academy winners, who received international recognition. For example, among the winners of the NFS tournaments held in the 2000s there are current employees of Intel and NBA 2K.

Myth 5: eSports makes no money

Analytics experts from Super Data Research showed that the international eSports market capitalization for 2015 exceeded $600 million, and the total prize fund was over $40 million. The number of eSports tournaments finals’ viewers is increasing every year. Undeniable fact – hockey competitions are less popular than eSports comparing the number of views.

It is important that the state is actively interested in eSports and video games. In particular, Alan Enileev, the world champion in Need for Speed, carried the Olympic flag at the opening of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Moreover, the president noted the contribution of the Armored Warfare: Armat Project’s developers in promoting domestic technologies and military equipment abroad.

Bokarev knows from his own experience that eSports is an excellent school of life, which can help the player to start a successful career.

As mentioned earlier, Stokholm is going to become the venue for the tenth anniversary of the Dota 2 championship.

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