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4 Facts about Roulette You Probably do not Know

Author: Ivanna Shostak
4 October 2019, 17:36
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Famous casino table game roulette dates back to the eighteenth century in France. One century later, it spread to other European countries and the USA. Many people tried to come up with new strategies to handle roulette in spite of its status as a game of chance. This article will tell about five secrets regarding roulette every person who wants to achieve success in this game should know.

4 Facts about Roulette You Probably do not Know

1. Progression betting systems are ineffective

The aim of such systems is to increase player’s chances to win at roulette. People who only start to gamble are often interested in the Martingale. This system is quite easy as it consists only in doubling the previous bet after every loss. Players should go on doing this until they finally win. This system’s supporters claim it is beneficial since players will have a profit when they wind up winning only one bet.

Let’s try to better understand this system. For example, a player makes one dollar bet on the next roulette spin landing on red. However, the ball lands on black space and the player does not win this time. Thus, the player doubles the bet to two dollars on red again. If the ball lands on red space, the player wins and has a profit of one dollar. Having analyzed this strategy, clever players will understand it always produces a one-dollar profit. Of course, it is not the profit most players expect to get but even such amount of money seems to be better than permanent losing. This strategy has a serious drawback – players might easily lose all money they bet. Players have to double their bets every time they lose so they quickly begin to make bets that are much higher than their initial ones. The same is true for other progression betting strategies.

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2. Pattern-tracking is also useless

Pattern-tracking is also useless

It is self-evident but many people still rely on patterns in previous numbers before they make a new bet. Such is the nature of the human brain to try to detect patterns. This, for example, serves as a base for scientific discoveries. Thus, it is not strange that gamblers think this skill will help them win at the casino.

Unfortunately for those who take blind comfort in the belief that this strategy will help them to beat the casino, pattern-tracking has been recognized as gambler’s fallacy. Basically, the gambler’s misconception is the belief that, if some event occurs more frequently than probability suggests, then it will occur less frequently and vice versa.

Of course, nowadays there is a great deal of so-called experts who claim they can easily teach different pattern-tracking techniques that will help to achieve amazing success. However, this method is completely ineffective.

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3. MTV managed to film the greatest roulette bet in Las Vegas history

Many people associate Las Vegas with gambling. It can be explained by the fact it is the land of gambling legends about characters who became millionaires in a short time. One of such stories was shown in MTV’s reality show “The Buried Life”. It is about four young men with a list of one hundred things they have to do in their life.

MTV managed to film the greatest roulette bet in Las Vegas history

To complete one of the tasks, they came to one of the casinos in Las Vegas. The young men put one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars on even money roulette bets and then doubled up to two hundred fifty thousand dollars. Thus, they made the greatest roulette bet in Las Vegas history.

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4. “La Partage” rule

This rule is one of the most useful secrets regarding roulette. Some single-zero European tables use “La Partage” rule to even money bets so gamblers get back half of their wager when the wheel finds the “0” space. Therefore, the house edge is reduced by half – from 2.70% to 1.35%.

In conclusion, for gamblers, it is amazing to feel they are better at playing casino games than others. All these secrets enable gamblers to improve the skills and get closer to the best players of the world.

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