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1xBet Customer Wins More Than $2 Million

Author: Gambling Man
29 April 2021, 11:01
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Most people are familiar with the childhood story of Ali Baba, the man who stumbled upon a cave full of treasure. For Mukhazhan, a 44-year-old resident of Almaty in Kazakhstan, the road to riches may seem like a fairy tale, but it did not start in a mysterious cave. Instead, Mukhazhan found his fortune on the 1xBet website.

1xBet Customer Wins More Than $2 Million

Earlier this year, Mukhazhan visited the site and placed a 100 thousand tenge bet, the equivalent of $238. His accumulator comprised 44 separate events. Astoundingly, Mukhazhan correctly predicted the outcome for every single one, earning him more than $2 million.

Reflecting on his win, Mukhazhan explained that he bet exclusively on football as he is a player himself and is well versed in the sport. He chose 1xBet because, with unlimited accumulator bets and the ability to bet on the same team in different tournaments, the betting website offers more freedom. Mukhazhan explained that the website’s high odds also made it a more attractive option.

As Mukhazhan indicated, with big accumulator bets, if a player wins they can win big. He concentrated predominantly on football matches in European competitions, reaping generous rewards.

Recounting his win, Mukhazhan explained that when there were just four matches left, he started to get nervous. The final match was at night. When he saw he had won, Mukhazhan could not believe it at first, saying it seemed as if it was happening to someone else. He promptly woke up his wife to show her and share the good news. It was only once he saw the money had been credited to his gaming account, which previously had a zero balance, that it really started to sink in.

Mukhazhan’s wife is the administrator of a volunteer movement for homeless animals in Almaty. Having previously told her that if he ever won, the first thing he would do is help those in need, Mukhazhan confirmed that his win will go towards this cause. He said his joy was immeasurable, explaining that, as a businessman, he did not need real estate or a car. Mukhazhan attributed his success to the fact that he did not desire the winnings for himself, but wanted to use them to help others in need, pointing out that it is a large sum of money and not everyone is able to help that much.

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Mukhazhan is not the first Almaty resident to win big on 1xBet. In early 2020, another player won almost nine million tenges on the site. Nevertheless, Mukhazhan’s 876 million tenge win establishes a new record in the history of betting in Kazakhstan. Representatives from 1xBet congratulated Mukhazhan, with the win highlighting 1xBet’s leading status in the world of bookmakers.

1XBet operates across 20 different markets and abides by all relevant regulations in every jurisdiction in which it offers its products and services.

1XBet is committed to supporting responsible gambling and its policy sets out its commitment to minimize the adverse effects of problem gambling and to promote a positive, responsible experience for its customers.

1XBet does not offer its products and services to customers in the UK.

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