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1000 Best Casino Secrets

Author: Rode Arteaga
4 November 2019, 11:17
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An excerpt from the book "1000 Best Casino Gambling Secrets" by Bill Burton is presented to your attention. The author’s work in 16 chapters contains 1000 tips on most casino games and other topics related to gambling. Let’s review some of them by chapters.

1000 Best Casino Secrets

The One about Casino Secrets

Any casino owner uses marketing services in order to attract players and make them happy. Owners can provide players with bonuses and privileges of any kind: from a free dinner to covering all expenses, including a hotel room, food, and much more. It is not necessary to be a “whale” to ask the owner for additional benefits, so go ahead. The most unpleasant outcome is they will refuse you.

Uncertainty of Spendings  

The most important thing that distinguishes gambling from other entertainment is that you do not know in advance how much the game will cost you. Let’s say, when you go to the theatre, you pay a certain amount of money for the tickets. However, when you play in a casino, you do not know for sure how much you are going to spend.

Manage Your Money

Do not play games that you cannot afford. It is not a big secret that if you come to a casino with $100 in your pocket, you should not play at a table with a $25 fee for a game or slots, whose spins cost a dollar. Your aim is to stay at a casino with money as long as possible. One streak of bad luck would make you penniless. That is why if your bankroll is not big enough, you should play the low-limit games.

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Slots Peculiarities

There are no casino secrets on how to win every time. But there are things you should do in order not to lose what you have already won. If you are playing new slots, do not forget to take your sales slip. Some machines honk loudly when the check is printed. However, do not rely on that, because in a noisy gambling establishment you may simply not hear this sound. Form the habit of automatically picking up a ticket when you press the cash out button.

Slots Peculiarities

Video Poker  

Do not push the max bet button before you know the bet size. Because there are slots with a maximum bet of 90 coins and a person does not know that. That is why you should go to the help section in order to clarify the maximum bet size prior to using this option.

Win Secret in Blackjack

After receiving the first two cards, you should double the bet. Then you can ask for an additional card. In most casinos, it is allowed to make a double bet on any of the two cards. Some gambling establishments set a limit on doubling, but only in those combinations where the total number of card points is 10 or 11.

Roulette Secrets

The author’s best strategy is to make a bet of two chips on a double street 10/13 and 28/31, and another chip on the square 17-18-20-21. This way you can cover 16 digits at the roulette wheel. If one bet wins, raise it by one chip.

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Poker at a Casino

Regardless of the game you play, the player’s biggest mistake is the use of too many combinations. In poker the goal is to win as much money as possible, not the largest number of pots. The winner is the one who is extremely selective about the combinations he plays. It requires patience and discipline. This is what distinguishes the winner from other players.

Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em is a much faster game comparing with seven-card stud. Combinations there can be played in about 100 seconds. During the game session, a player has a chance to see more combinations, which allows him to be more selective. The secret is to turn the casino opponents’ weaknesses to your advantage.

Texas Hold'em

Keno as a Lottery

Keno is a game based solely on luck. It does not need any skills, and none of your actions will affect the house edge. This kind of entertainment is equivalent to a lottery.

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Many players believe that bonuses and privileges are available exclusively to highrollers who spend a fortune while playing. However, this is misleading. The secret is that there are various levels of so-called buns, depending on how long you have been playing in the casino. You must first familiarize yourself with the policy of bonuses and promotions of a particular gambling establishment where you are planning to play.

A Little Thank-You to the Personnel

It is necessary to leave tips to the maid when checking out of a hotel. Most hotel rooms have cards with the maid’s name. You can leave a tip near the card or find your maid and give her a tip in person.

As mentioned earlier, the Italian government expressed its intention to take control of all transactions related to gambling.

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